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How do you avoid running out of things to say?

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2009-01-16 17:48:01

== == === === Read a variety of magazines and learn about

interesting subjects, everything from life in other parts of the

world to scientific topics to forthcoming movies. Read about

sports, music, personalities, travel.

Read books to get a deeper understanding of subjects. Politics.

Space exploration. History. Art.

Read stories and novels to learn about other ways of thinking

and living in the world, to deepen your understanding of the human

experience, to gain perspective.

Read to gain fluency in language and improve your comfort in


Listen to your partner, your friend, your family member. Listen

in order to understand and appreciate their views and their

experience. Listen to let them enjoy your attention. Listen to


Reflect on your own experiences and what they mean to you.

Consider how your knowledge shapes your experience.

Look for the humor in things. Look for the joy. Look for the


Be open to life.

=== === * Become more comfortable with silence. People don't

have to talk all the time to provide companionship. * If you run

out of things to say, maybe you have been doing too much of the

talking. Encourage others to talk. Ask questions about interests,

work, family, friends, pets, hobbies, music, TV, etc. * When the

conversation stalls, don't feel like you have to salvage something.

Enjoy the silence. Try sitting there with your companion observing

the world around you. Perhaps it is a signal to call it quits for

the evening. Or not. Sometimes the brain just needs a little


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