How do you avoid the typical problems when uploading photos to Facebook?

Facebook photo upload problems are mostly related to:

1) server issues (load on facebook servers)

2) browser issues (old, not fully supported browsers)

3) java issues (the default java interface is not working properly due to compatibility issues)

You can avoid them by:

- switching to the HTML upload interface - may solve 1) or 3) -. Chose "Try the Simple Uploader" from the bottom of the java upload dialog. This will solve 1) only if your photos are already reduced in size, otherwise is slow and will fail nevertheless.

- using third party tools that are working directly with the Facebook API - may solve 1), 2) and 3) as well -. Currently I know only two tools that work directly with the API, iPhoto for Mac and AZImage for Windows. See related links for more details. These tools are not using Java or the HTML interface, that is why they work even when the default facebook interfaces (HTML, Java) fail.