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I just repaired my aluminum inground pool coping. The cause was not the same (jack hammer damage). I had damage from a tree falling into my pool and of course the aluminum coping was the recipient of the tree. The coping was severely bent, nearly upon itself at a couple of places. I got my auto body hammers and dollies out and basically did what any good auto body repair shop would have done and beat the coping back into shape. It's not perfect but certainly useable. The good news is that it didn't require re-painting. I removed the coping from my pool to make it easier to work on but I'm sure it could be repaired without remove. You've got to be patient and plan to spend quite a bit of time with the hammers and dollies.

Over the years our aluminum coping was damaged from the straps of the winter cover. Due to high winds the straps dug deep grooves into the coping. We bought an epoxy filler made for outside use on metal at Home Depot for less than $5. After filling in the damaged areas, sanding, and painting, the coping looks like new.

Thanks for your replies! We ended up using a hammer on the smaller dimples, then a grinder on the bigger ones. The low spots we filled with auto body putty, sanded the whole thing and repainted it. Looks great! Thanks again -

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Q: How do you bang out dimples in bullnose aluminum inground pool coping caused from a jack hammer used to remove previous decking material?
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