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How do you be Selena gomezs friend on Facebook?

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When is Selena gomezs new 2010 CD coming out?

It will come out sometime this year! Selena posted on her facebook page today, that she's been working on it and will come out soon this year!! :)www.facebook.com/Selena

What is Selena gomezs babys name?

Selena gomez does not have a baby

What color is Selena gomezs eyes?

Selena gomezs eyes are brown Allisaurus is a NINJA :)

Selena gomezs weight?

Selena Gomez weighs at 117 currently

What is Selena Gomezs ichat name?

She does not have one; Selena's on Facebook that have profiles are "posers" or "fakes" or "imposters" of Selena Marie Gomez. She only has Myspace,Facebook,Twitter,A website,and YouTube. That's it maybe more and an email but that's all I know :)

How old are selena gomezs sister?

she doesent have a sister

Where does selena gomezs lives?

She doesn't give out her address

What is Selena gomezs profession?

She's an actor and singer for Disney.

Where is Selena gomezs hometown?

Grand Pairie, Dallas,Texas

What is Selena Gomezs saying?

Every thing happens for a reason

Where is Selena Gomezs dad from?

Selina Gomez' dad is from Texas

What is Selena Gomezs hiar color?

Selena's hair is Black.

What is Selena gomezs pet type?

Selena is a dog person.She has her own pet dog also.

What is Selena gomezs fav food?

selena gomez fav food is french fries and pizza

What is Selena gomezs favorite shoe brand?

Selena Gomez's favortie shoe brand is converse.

How do you add Selena gomez on Facebook?

You can't add her as a friend on facebook because it's not the real Selena Gomez. A fan made her. You can make celebrities on facebook by if you go to Selena Gomez on facebook, go to create page and then you can find your way there. You can even make fictional charectors on facebook, too.

What is Selena gomezs parents culture?

Selena is Mexican/Italian. Look her up on wikipedia.org. That will tell your everything.

What type is Selena Gomezs cellphone?

Selena Marie Gomez currently has a I phone, as of May, 6th 2011.

What is Selena gomez favorite color in 2012?

Selena Gomezs favorite colour in 2012 is Lime Green

Does Selena gomez where pink nail polish?

Selena gomezs favorite nail polish is Rainbow sparkle

What is selena gomezs favorite colors?

She loves all types of green

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