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Last answerer had no clue.

To be a good boyfriend, you first and foremost have GOT to trust her. Not necessarily with your life, but in general. If you keep bothering her and texting her about where she is, what she is doing, who she is with, etc, she will become aggravated. Trust and respect are the two most important things in a relationship. Occasionally treat her to little gifts, but don't always go for flowers/chocolate. Give her something she can use; if you know her, you'll know what she'll make use of. Jewelry is also nice.

When she feels upset, never tell her to get over it. Be gentle with her problems as most girls are sensitive, and need to be heard out. Always do your best to have fun! Offer advice and make her feel cared for. Never disrespect her physically, mentally or emotionally. When she talks to/hugs other guys, be sure to give her the space she needs so she doesn't feel stifled. Encourage the things she wants to do unless they will harm her. Say good morning and goodnight whenever possible. Don't EVER lead her on. Finally, do your best to truly love her. Don't be afraid to tell her things, and talk about your relationship once in a blue moon. Call her sweet things, but don't overdo it. Finally, don't just be a 'boyfriend'. Be her best friend as well as her lover.


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