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How do you be perfect?

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1. Honestly nobody can be perfect no matter how hard they try. We were born imperfect.

2. I disagree. We are all perfect. We are living things that had come too far in life to not be perfect. The imperfection is merely what we do to ourselves and put in our minds that we are not perfect. There is no double you and no one can replace you. You are perfect, born perfect. you are perfectly you.

3. I agree no one can be perfect, but you can always be wonderfully imperfect just being yourself.

4. I disagree. if you like Ben and Jerry's ice cream you're perfect. And coffee, you have to like coffee.

5. I disagree with 2 and 4 because we are NOT perfect. If you are perfect then everything about you is perfect. you have all 5 fingers, you never make mistakes, teeth are all perfect, you never needed braces nor glasses. You always talk correctly, you never think wrong. You like everybody, you don't judge anyone, you always agree with everything. you don't argue. If someone hits you, you wont get mad; you never lied. I bet both of you have done wrong before or one of those negative things i mentioned. Like i said No one is perfect. Thank you very much.

6. If you assume braces, 6 fingers, mistakes, glasses, judging others, disagreeing with others and not appreciating being hit are all negative, then I guess you would see the world as very imperfect. I disagree with your list of bad things.

7. Glasses can make a girl cuter; braces can be a way for adolescents to relate to one another; a 6th finger would be just plain useful when the other 5 are busy; diversity in the ways people talk make conversation colorful, the errors people make in their thinking can be hilarious!

8. Does a perfect person have to like even the worst villains? Does the perfect person have no moral standard by which the actions of others are judged, right or wrong? Does the perfect person not become angry when presented with injustice? And would the perfect person, when put in such a position, not lie to protect loved ones or the innocent?

If so, then we need to change our definition of what it is to be perfect. We seem to have a list of criteria which render an individual imperfect, so infinite and minute that perfect has become an impossible standard. Compared to perfect, we all suck royally. When did we become so hard on ourselves, so ruthlessly demanding? Why not have a finite, individually decided criteria which make someone perfect? I say anyone who likes crossword puzzles, the NYT and coffee with an occasional getting-stuck-in-the-rain tendency is well enough perfect. But that's me. What's your perfect?

9. I'm sticking to what I said. I'm not going to keep arguing with anyone about it.

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Why are people unperfect?

people are not perfect because they are perfect the way they are and not perfect not just plain perfect you are not perfect no one is perfect but They are perfect the way they are.

How perfect is something perfect?

Something perfect is very perfect. Perfectly perfect, in fact.

What is the comparative of perfect?

perfect - more perfect - most perfect

Is Apotion Perfect for you?

It is Perfect, so It has to be Perfect for you!

What are the three perfect tenses?

Present perfect, past perfect, and future perfect

What are the characteristics healthy market?

characteristics of a perfect market characteristics of a perfect market characteristics of a perfect market characteristics of a perfect market characteristics of a perfect market characteristics of a perfect market characteristics of a perfect market characteristics of a perfect market characteristics of a perfect market characteristics of a perfect market

What is the perfect tense of expect and intend?

Perfect tenses of expect:Present perfect - have/has expected.Present perfect continuous - have/has been expecting.Past perfect - had expected.Past perfect continuous - had been expecting.Future perfect - will have expected.Future perfect continuous - will have been expecting.Perfect tenses of intend:Present perfect - have/has intended.Present perfect continuous - have/has been intending.Past perfect - had intended.Past perfect continuous - had been intending.Future perfect - will have intended.Future perfect continuous - will have been intending.

What are the three perfect tenses of a verb?

Past perfect, present perfect and future perfect.

How do you use perfect in a sentence?

"Perfect" can be an adjective, noun, or verb. See the following examples:A common meaning of the adjective "perfect" is "flawless": He is perfect at everything!As a verb, "perfect" can mean to make perfect: I am trying to perfect my Spanish accent.As a noun, "perfect" refers to the perfect tense or a construction using the perfect tense: To form the present perfect, use "have" or "has" with the past participle.

How do you know that you are perfect?

You are not perfect because God is only perfect. But God made your image perfect!

How many perfect intervals are there?

Within an octave there are four perfect intervals: perfect unison (P1), perfect fourth (P4), perfect fifth (P5), and perfect octave (P8).

Example of past perfect present perfect and future perfect tense?

Past perfect - I had finished my homework. Present perfect - She has finished her homework. Future perfect - I will have finished my homework.

What are the 6 forms of perfect tenses?

Past perfect tense, past perfect continuous tense, present perfect tense, present perfect continuous tense, future perfect tense and future perfect continuous tense.

What perfect tense for have?

Present perfect and future perfect use "have"

Is perfect a homograph?

Yes it is.perfect (adjective): This may not be the perfect answer.perfect (noun): "He left before he had finished his meal" is an example of past perfect in English grammar.perfect (verb): Sometimes it takes a long time to perfect an aswer.

What is the perfect tense of you drink?

Present PerfectHave/has drunk.Past PerfectHad drunk.Future PerfectWill have drunk.

How do you get get the perfect Girl?

To be perfect you have to be like a girl that has the initials J.M.D, shes perfect, be like her and you WILL be perfect.. <3

What is the perfect tense for cook?

Present Perfect - Have/Has cooked. Past Perfect - Had cooked. Future Perfect - Will have cooked.

What is the perfect form of think?

Present perfect - have/has thought. Past perfect - had thought. Future perfect - will have thought.

What is the perfect tense of draw?

Past perfect:Had drawn.Present perfect:Have/Has drawn.Future perfect:Will have drawn.

What is the perfect tense of spend?

The past perfect is "had spent". The present perfect is "has/have spent". The future perfect is "will have spent".

What is the comparative and superlative to the word perfect?

more perfect, most perfect He is the most perfect child in the world.

What are the perfect tense of write?

The past perfect is had written.The present perfect is has/have written.The future perfect is will have written.

Is 2 a perfect square and perfect cube?

No, 2 is neither a perfect square nor a perfect cube.

What is the perfect tense of throw?

There are three perfect tenses for all verb: present perfect (have/has thrown), past perfect (had thrown), and future perfect (will have thrown).