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Try your best!!!

Someone told me this answer was "gibberish", but it is the truth, cheats wreck the game and make it boring. You DO need to try your best. Just keep playing it and you'll get faster after a while. Check out the details of each cart before driving, pick the best and you'll go faster!

Please don't call my "correct" answer gibberish!

Thanks :)

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How do you get waluwigi in Mario Kart DS?

Beat 150cc special cup

How do you get retro mirror mode in Mario kart ds?

Beat 150cc.

How do you get rob in Mario Kart ds?

Just beat 50cc,100cc,150cc and 150cc MIRROR for R.O.B.

How do you get rob and com in Mario Kart DS?

Beat 150cc Special Cup.

What happens if you pass 150cc all with gold trophies in Mario kart ds?

i don't remeber.but if you have the game beat 150cc answer this qustion.

What happens when you beat 150cc in Mario kart ds?

You unlock mirror mode. (Running the tracks backwards)

Who is the easy ist character to beat 150cc in Mario kart ds?

It depends on who you use & your best courses

How do you beat the mushroom cup in Mario kart ds 150cc mirror?

Get first place in most of the races.

How can you get 300cc in Mario Kart DS?

You cant there is 50cc 100cc 150cc and 150cc mirror mode in DS

How do you unlock koopa troopa in Mario kart ds?

In 100cc grandprix come in first in all your laps. Then in 150cc and 150cc mirror beat all cups by being Yoshi on the Cucumber kart.

Is there a easy way to unlock rob in Mario kart ds?

Not really. You've got to beat 150cc Special Cup.

How do unlock baby Mario in Mario kart DS?

You have to complete all cups on 50cc 100cc 150cc and 150cc mirror by being Mario.

How can you get ROB on Mario Kart Ds?

Beat All of 50cc,100cc,and 150cc and beat all cups on Nitro Grand Prix Mirror Mode

How can you get Baby Mario in Mario Kart Ds?

You complete all cups by being Mario on 50cc 100cc 150cc and 150cc mirror. Then you will unlock baby Mario

How do you unlock daisy on mariokart?

well on mario kart wii win 150cc special cup on mario kart ds win all cups on 50cc on mario kart 7 win 150cc mushroom cup

Mario Kart ds how to beat the game?

Unlock and complete all circuits in 50cc, 100cc, 150cc and 150cc mirror, complete all missions and unlock all game characters.

Is there anything higher than 300cc in Mario Kart DS?

There is no such thing as 300cc, The highest is Mirror 150cc/regular 150cc.

How do you unlock any kart for any character in Mario Kart DS?

To do that you either complete every cource in all the classes (50cc, 100cc, 150cc and 150cc MIRROR) or you can insert the action replay ds.

What happens when you finish the lightning cup on 150cc mirorr on Mario kart ds?

You should unlock R.O.B. if you beat the lightning cup or maby you need to beat the Speical cup to.

How do you unlock waluigi on Mario Kart ds?

by winning all races on 150cc grand prix

How do you unlock everything in Mario Kart ds?

complete all the cups on 50cc 100cc 150cc

How do you unlock mirror cup in Mario kart ds?

come first in all 150cc cups

How do you get ROB on Mario Kart DS?

2 unlock ROB you have to complete 150cc MIRROR on the wii and if u want ROB for ds do the same thing complete 150cc MIRROR. NOTE: To get 150cc MIRROR you must complete 150cc

How do you beat Mario kart ds 150cc mirror mode?

all you have to do is get gold in all cups. and be careful because in mirror mode, lefts are rights and rights are lefts!

Who is the best player to use in 150cc mirror on Mario kart ds?

Ill say Bowser JR on the Hurricane

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