How do you beat Jewel Quest III Iceland Hekla level?

1. Restart the board until the bottom frozen jewels (any side you want) match with the same jewel on top of it. For example, If a frozen bottom jewel is a ruby, and the jewel on top is a ruby, stick with it. Another Ruby would match it.

2. Use the Citrine Warming Jewels to melt the upper frozen jewels. Repeat this process with the other side. Note, that only 5 Warming Jewels only appear on the board, so it's best if you work on both sides constantly. Work on one, then transfer.

3. When the upper jewels have melted, make another jewel fall near the entrance of the corner. Then look at the jewel next to it. Then, make 2 of the same jewels next to it on the other side. It should look like this:

Ruby-->Warm Jewel-->Ruby-->Ruby

It does not have to be a ruby, but it can't be swapped with another set of warming jewels, or else it's gone. Swap the jewel with the warming jewel with the other jewel and now you should've got it in. Repeat on other side.

4. Match the jewel on the bottom of the warming jewel to make it fall. Move the the Warming jewel down to melt the jewel. Repeat this process on the other side. You should've melted those two last jewels by now.

5. The rest is luck. Match jewels nearby the jewel that was melted from the warming jewel until a jewel that looks the same matches the bottom. So if the bottom has a ruby, ruby, emerald, and mask, swap another ruby to the bottom and they should match in a 3 jewel match to turn it gold. Repeat the process to the other side, and if you got the othe spaces gold, you finally win! This process has worked fo me, and if you completed all other Iceland areas, you have beat it, and you're on your way to Europe to challenge Sebastian.