How do you beat Lego Star Wars the complete saga episode 3 level four?

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Lego Star Wars the complete saga?

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga is a video game that was releasedin 2007. The object of the game is to find all the gold pieces onall levels. There are a total of 36 story levels and 20 bountyhunter levels.

How do you complete the Lego City level in Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga?

Be somebody that has a bomb (I had Jengo Fett) and destroy the shiny (metallic) objects. And in the middle left destroy all the trees and walk around until it gives you money. Kill all extra people. And over by the spot that has the speedster you spell LEGO with the bricks. Jump in all vehicles and ( Full Answer )

How do you beat episode 4 level 2 in Lego Star Wars?

In Lego Star Wars II, this is the bare minimum just so you know, you go over to the right until you see a gap. Fight off Tusken Raiders if you have to. Smash the Lego under the rock with Luke, and then use Obi Wan when you can't blast it any more. Go over the rock bridge and onto the other side. Go ( Full Answer )

How do you beat Lego Star Wars the complete Saga episode 4 level 4 rescue the princess if you are in the hallway with all the switches and are stuck?

You pull 2 of the switches and go through the door that is betweenthem. I didn't know how until i watched the movie. You can also run down the hallway and when you see the the grate onthe wall with the "force sparkles" on it, the door with theprincess then you step on the buttons and she runs out an ( Full Answer )

How do you beat Lego Star Wars the complete saga episode 2 level 2.?

Starting Characters: Lando Calrissian, Princess Leia (Bespin), Chewbacca Added Characters: R2-D2, C-3PO Enemies: Stormtrooper, Beach Trooper, Imperial Officer, Boba Fett True Jedi at 34,000: Wall structures made of bricks are breakable. The long corridor with the third blue and white module ( Full Answer )

How do I find the red power brick in Lego Star Wars Complete saga Cloud City Trap Episode 5 level 5?

(Free Play) Near Luke's ship, use R2 to float across to the R2 panel to the ship's left. Then, after accessing the panel, switch to a bounty hunter (Boba Fett, Jango Fett, Zam Wesell, Bossk, Dengar, Greedo, IG-88, or 4-LOM) except Bib Fortuna and use a Thermal Detonator on the shiny gray bars. The P ( Full Answer )

How do you beat Lego City on Lego Star Wars the complete saga?

To beat Lego City, assemble the bricks on the far end of the town into the word 'Lego'. Then, destroy everything possible. Build everything possible. Use the Force or bounty hunter thermal detonators on everything possible. Ride all vehicles-when you jump into some, blue studs appear in a set path. ( Full Answer )

How do you get to LEGO city on Lego Star Wars the complete saga?

You go to the bonus room (between the bacta tanks and the Episode 6 room). Earn 30 gold bricks to unlock Lego City 50, however, will unlock a new version of Lego City called New Town. You can earn gold bricks by completing a level, achieving True Jedi on a level, finding all of the mini-kits on a le ( Full Answer )

In Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga how do you beat New Town?

you go around forcing and building everything. destroy peoples.(don't go around trying your best to break gonks. they're invincible except when you're them.) Force the windows before breaking houses. Be sure to do everything. this takes two Jedi. Force the bricks to spell GOLE then use the Jedi ( Full Answer )

How do you beat Darth maul in Lego Star Wars the complete saga?

First you have to block the bullets being shot by battle droids. You must deflect these with your lightsaber. Then force push the barrels Darth Maul throws at you. This requires quick action and reflexes.Then build the bridge with with the force. Then follow Darth Maul's path into the special door.A ( Full Answer )

How do you beat Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga?

You need to obtain all of the Gold Bricks in the game, get True Jedi in all of the levels, get all the minikits, the blue minikits, red bricks, and buy every item in the shop.

How do you complete Lego star wars the complete saga?

collect all the minikits and red power bricks . complete all the blue minikit challenges.[you must find all ten minikits in ten minutes ] unlock and buy everything in the store [the more chapters and red power bricks you find and complete you will unlock more stuff]! complete bounty hunter missions ( Full Answer )

How do you beat Lego Star Wars the complete saga how to beat episode 5 level 1?

(For everything but DS) First, pilot the snowspeeder over to a towable bomb area. Use the tow cable to drag the bomb behind you. If a probe droid grabs on too, turn around and shoot it. There should be a barred-up entrance to a tunnel. Turn around (don't flip, turn), causing the bomb to crash into t ( Full Answer )

How do you beat Lego star Wars episode 3 level 6?

Assuming this is Lego Star Wars III, the pathway you start on you need to time your jumps very well. You will almost need to die to get to the end. . Once you reach the end, you find yourself on a platform with a great big rock coming to squash you into iddy-bitty little bits of lego. Me and my bro ( Full Answer )

Lego Star Wars the complete saga level 1 help?

Level one This help file is used for the following systems wii, xbox, ps3 and PC When you start you will find yourself in a room with a big table with chairs around it. The two characters in this level are two Jedi knights and you must use the force on a sort of Lego door then it wil ( Full Answer )

Where is the red brick in episode 4 level 2 in Lego star wars the complete saga?

first have any bounty hunter unlocked, go to the right the canyon till you see two metal objects, then turn into a bounty hunter, and blow up metal objects with thermal detonator. next used the force on the three blocks, and double jump up to the nearest rock. turn into an astro droid and hover to ( Full Answer )

How do you do LEGO City in Lego Star Wars complete saga?

I'm afraid Lego City and Lego Star Wars are completely different themes, and will not be merged in any set, game or film. Therefore, you can't play any other Lego theme other than Star Wars in Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga. :)

How do you beat Lego Star Wars the complete saga episode 4 level 4 rescue the princess i cant get r2 d2 and c3 po out of the closet?

If you are referring to the cut scene when C-3PO and R2-D2 leave, then I can help. If not, then I am sorry. When they leave, you will have three characters: Chewbacca, Luke, and Han. Go back a room and get a stormtrooper helmet. When you get back, there is a stormtrooper panel on the wall in the cor ( Full Answer )

What is the easiest level in Lego Star Wars the complete saga?

Personally, the easiest [for me] is the level in episode two before Gunship Cavalry [i forgot its name]. What you only need to do is walk round and round and free the hostages using the force. After that, you defeat Jango Fett by deflecting his blasts with your lightsaber, shooting at him, and/or us ( Full Answer )