How do you beat Maylene in Pokemon platinum?

Maylene in Pokemon Platinum has Meditite (Fighting/Psychic), Machoke (Fighting), and Lucario. (Her strongest at level 32; Fighting/Steel) Meditite and Lucario will contradict with Psychic-type moves, for they are part Psychic and Steel, but a Flying-type can wipe out Meditite and Machoke easily, but if the Flying-type is not fast enough, it's in for a deadly Rock Tomb. I would bring Staravia or Golbat. (If they use Drain Punch or Karate Chop, it can cut the damage to one-fourth) For Lucario, I recommend using a Ground-type Pokemon to fight off his dual Steel-type, since he knows the move Bone Rush, which is a Ground-type attack.