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How do you earn a metal in Medabots Ax Metabee Version?

To get a metal. You have to beat an Arena with a gold star. Win all 3 matches in that arena and youll get a medapart and a medal. Some medals can only be found in the rokusho version like the phoniex medal. But you can only get the bomb medal in the metabee version. As in, its only in that version. there are other medals around!

How do you beat the meda race in medabots medabee version?

just put your autofire for the A button on

How do you beat squid guts in medabots rokusho version for gba?

Use High Powered Parts

How do you beat the medabot rappy in a race in Medabots Rokusho Version on GBA?

You don't have to.. Just use the PERISCOPE..

How do you beat Pokemon FireRed version?

Beat your Rival

How do you beat pokemon LeafGreen version for Game Boy?

To beat the Pokemon Leaf Green version for Gameboy you have to get the Nation Dex and beat Raiku and Suicune.

How do you beat Drawn to Life the next chapter?

well, you have to beat wilfre in the ds version but you have to destroy a monstor in the wii version

How do you beat Mega-Emperor in Medabots Rokusho Version on GBA?

Well, he IS very hard, but use a fast long range shooter, (medabee is a good choice)And a Good healer (Mermaid Is perfect for this)In Rokusho version Use Rokusho and mermaid, basicly his fast attacks will not aloow Mega Emperor to charge up his laser, replace his pipo hammer with a ranged weapon or distroyer weapon (The mace thingy)Edit:I used the robot parts of those medabots like, the absorb missile, absorb laser, absorb beserk ball thing.And just keep using your medaforce and you will win. You will only be damaged by their medaforcesharder on round 2 though

Who did a cover version of beat it?

fall out boy

How do you beat Pokemon White version?

beat Gyms a lot of Pokemon, beat the Pokemon League, and remember to have fun!

How many times do you have to beat the elite 4 in crystal version?

you can beat them has much as you want

How do you beat Pokemon LeafGreen version after the elite four?

i think you beat the 7/8 islands

How do you win the game of pearl version?

you beat the champion

How do you beat Pokemon Sapphire version?

beat elite 4 , beat battle tower , and catch all Pokemon and get them to lv. 100 :)

How can you beat red in soul silver?

there is another region in the game that is red version and you have to beat all the gyms.

How do you beat Pokemon Blue version?

You collect all eight badges, and then you challenge and beat the Elite Four.

How do you beat Pearl Version?

The same way you always beat a Pokemon game: beat the evil organization, and then challenge the Elite four and win.

How do you get fly in crystal version?

You get it from a girl in Cianwood after you beat chuck.

How do you get the national pokedex in the LeafGreen version?

beat the Pokemon league.

Does Kingdom Hearts have an English version?

yes, i just beat it.

How do you beat Splinter Cell?

iPod version you have to save the president

Can you buy master balls at the pokemart after you beat sapphire version?


Do you have to beat the elite four to get the rares in emerald version?


How do you get a Zoroark?

its impossible to get shiny version but you get it after you beat the elite 4

How to beat lab rat version 1 game?

A Bat