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How do you beat Tyranitar in Pokemon Ranger?

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September 12, 2011 11:27PM

Beating Tyranitar in Pokemon Ranger is difficult yet can be done. First, what you must do is get rid of any other Pokemon on the screen, this will let you concentrate on Tyranitar and nothing else. If you can, use a PokeAssist to keep Tyranitar busy so you can capture it. I recommend a Bug or Fighting PokeAssist, but a full discharge from Plusle/Minum should also be handy. Of course, the best thing to do is to circle Tyranitar quickly - but don't damage your touch screen.

Tyranitar's not really the difficult one... it can be captured, but its tough since it is accompanied by its pre evolved forms of Pupitar and Larvitar. Capture larvitar first. Pupitar is the most difficult. the instant you try to capture it, pupitar will go about in a thrash or cause rocks to fall, which in turn causes Tyranitar to fire its hyper beam. Otherwise tyranitar only attacks every so often. Use your Pokemon assists for Pupitar to capture it. then tyranitar will be easier. Capture some electric Pokemon to recharge your styler. You will need them.