How do you beat a DWI?

Don't hire a lawyer. You can get the same deal a lawyer gets if you blubber in court and beg for mercy on your knees. The judge will knock something off -- a little bit. But you can do better.

Did you know that in court the DA & judge can violate all of your rights legally as long as you don't object? Yes! They can do that. (Print off a copy of the Bill of Rights.) Did you know that if your arresting officer doesn't show, you are supposed to walk? Yep! But, routinely, the judge will try yo "continue" your trial. You have a right to a speedy trial. He cannot do that.

There are a bunch of hoops that the cops & the court must jump thru in order to convict you. Trust me, they will not jump all the hoops. They are lazy and dumb like the rest of us. Sloppy work is the norm. YOU WILL WALK IF YOU FIGHT!