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Many people are "addicted" to over the counter nose spray. They work by instantly shrinking the nasal blood vessels and opening the nose to breathe. This is great, BUT the directions say every 12 hours to use it. As you continue to use it, it becomes less effective and the temptation to use it sooner overcomes your good sense to follow instructions. I was addicted for 5 years and had to use it every hour on the hour everyday. I had bottles in the car, in my pocket, in the night stand, extras always ready and I felt like I was suffocating without it. It was miserable. Doctors can prescribe steroid sprays that can help some people wean off the over the counter stuff, but these prescription medications do not work for all people. The most reliable way to stop using Nose Spray is to wean off one nostril at a time. Here is how it works: Start using the nose spray in your right nostril ONLY. You will be able to breath through that nostril but the left non-medicated one will congest completely within a few hours and may stay that way for days or even weeks. But once the left nostril fully withdraws from the long term effects of the spray, it will stay open on its own. At that point, stop using the spray all together. Your right nostril will congest at this point because it is no longer medicated, but in a few days or weeks, it will clear up and you will be NASAL SPRAY FREE! Don't kid yourself. This will be hard. But remember, you are not really suffocating, you are just uncomfortable. You will feel lopsided for a few weeks (because you are only breathing out of one side of your nose), but once that ends (and it will end)... you will never have to panic because you went to the movies or a restaurant and forgot your nasal spray. You will feel uncomfortable just a few weeks instead of for the rest of your life.

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Q: How do you beat a dependency on nose spray?
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