How do you beat iron hide in transformers for ps2?

Well it's almost impossible to beat him without an invincibility O.K press R1,O,O,R1,R2,L1,L1,L2,O,O on the title screen now to beat Ironhide first beat all the drones then when he's ramming strafe grab a tree or light post then he going to ram you again then when he stands still throw tree/lightpost at him now hit him he going to lay down for a while (he will get up iff you leave him there) now to do additional damge throw him here's a tip try trowing him at the end of the city not outside the action zone just at that dead end he won't give you much trouble when you try to deafeat drones oh and the drones get harder to beat every time just keep reapeating this process to beat Ironhide.Also this can be used on other consoles Xbox360,PS2,and PC.Here's another tip To deafeat the ramming Payloads strafe onto them avoid them then when they are standing still and not ramming attack!To deafeat the chain swinging Longarms throw somthing at it don't worry if it fails to hit it it takes few tries because of it's chain.I hope this helps and if you got any problems then email me and I'll tell what to do P.S. I can also help you on Sonic Unleashed,Metroid Prime Hunters,Sonic Riders Zero Gravity,Kirby Super Star Ultra,and Spore Creatures.

Wrong, there are certain parts to beating Ironhide.

1. Kill all the drones.

2. Go after Ironhide until he starts shooting you. Hint: Hit him down and then throw him.

3. Kill all the drones again.

Keep doing this until he is dead