How do you beat sniper assassin?

Sniper Assassin (June 2008) was the first in a series of five stick-man shooter games produced by Ultimate Flash Games from 2008 to 2010. It was the shortest of the series, having only 6 missions.

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Step-by-step of the missions (level names below):

1. Shoot the guy coming from the left wearing a baseball cap.

2. The upper plane is from Japan. The one from China lands below it, and you can shoot the target as he walks down the ramp.

3. Shoot the guy at the desk after the guard walks away.

4. Shoot the 7th prisoner that walks out. You can get him in the doorway or he is visible through the windows of the bus.

5. Shoot the 6 guards and then the two forklift drivers. There are 4 guards along the top, one at middle right, and just a head showing at bottom right.

6. Shoot the 4 guards, then the 4 workers. You have to wait until the top guard walks left, turns, and walks away. Then kill the one at right, then him, and the third guard at the top right. There will be another guard crossing the floor. When he is shot, pick off the 4 workers as they run back and forth.

There are Mission Names, but no access to missions using these names, as was possible on later, more difficult Sniper Assassin games.

1. The Target

2. Touchdown

3. Mansion

4. Prison Break

5. Neighborhood Cleaning

6. Neighborhood Cleaning II

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