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it's the same as how do you beat the earth temple in wind waker

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After you find him in the second temple he will sometimes be in the forest haven for limited time. After that you must find Medli, play the Earth God's Lyric with her, take her to the Earth Temple,and beat the temple. Then Makar will be under the waterfall.

You have to beat BOTH the wind temple and the earth temple. First awaken the sages by learning the last two windwaker songs, and with their help, defeat both dungeons.

After you beat the Tower of the Gods, you can either do that, or you can do the earth temple. It's optional. But if you want to get past the wind, you need the iron boots.

the wind waker is an inanimate object also its NOT IN TWILIGHT PRINCESS

you need arrows and you get them in the temple of gods.

To beat Molgera, you need to hookshot the tongue and slash it with a sword. Arrows work as well but it takes much longer.

In the Towers of the Gods. After you beat the Darknut

Beat the Miniboss (Darknut) battle in the Temple of Gods.

First you hav to get 20golden featers fror the guard in the temple then you have to get the grappling hook first then you can beat the first temple god and then go out side to get to the pole grapple that and run up to the top to talk to valoo

you will have to beat the sun temple.(temple of courage)

beat the first and second temple

In the forset temple when you beat that monkey.

Get to the miniboss in dragon roost island, beat it, and medli will give you the grappling hook.

L target it. use the hookshot on it. then beat on it with your sword. it'll take a while to defeat it though but it usually takes u 4 shots at it

Go To Hurle Castle And Save Zelda

It is in the wind temple after you beat the miniboss

You first need to free Tingle from the Windfall Prison and beat the Earth and Wind Temples.Then, you will be able to get one in the mail by paying rupees.

You reflect Zelda's light arrows to hit ganondorf, then you parry him and he will be dead.

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