How do you beat the level Ambush in Lego Star Wars III?

There will be a few enemies in this section, but droids are no big problem now!
You need to have a look around for a gold build, this will open the large coral looking barriers.
Watch out there will be some enemies behind it.
Once all the enemies have been defeated head up the path. Collecting studs as you go.
Use Yoda to aim the droid at the gold Lego bricks.
You will then need to destroy three of the droid tanks.
Yoda will need to use his force on the tanks to destroy them.
For the final tank, use the clone droid to use the grapple points. This will pull the sides of the tank off. Then use Yoda to finish the tank.
To get rid of the shielded droids, use Yoda's force to pick them up and drop them over the edge.
Once you have taken down all the droids the level will finish.
Remember you will need to pull the two piles of rocks down. They will be flashing blue.