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== == == == Remember these words: Attack the middle of the zone. Once the ball gets into the middle of the zone, the zone has been broken down, and operate from there.

You pass it around until the defense makes a mistake or have someone drive to the hoop and so the defense will follow and then have him dish it off to a guard to pop a j

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Who are often the first line of defense against terrorism in the US and other nations?

Counter-terrorism Intelligence is often the first line of defense against terrorism in the US and other nations.

What kills cheetahs?

Cheetahs are killed usually by natural causes: Diseases and getting old. They can also die from getting in a fight with other strong felines. They may also be killed by humans ( hunting or rarely, self defense)Natural causes( diseases) other felines and humans (hunting and self defense)

Why are upper floor ceiling heights higher than the first floor ceiling height on most buildings?

The ceiling height of the first floor in commercial buildings in NYC are higher than the other floors. It is usually a lobby

What to do after getting the First metals phantom hourglass?

hi, just keep on getting other metals

How does skin and skeletal system work together?

The skin is the first line of defense keeping bacteria and other stuff that's harmful to the skeletal system out. In fact, the skin is the first line of defense to all other systems (circulatory system, cardiovascular system, muscular system, etc.)

What are the positions in a game of floor hockey?

About the same as any other hockey. Usually three forwards Maybe one mid Two defense One goalie I play so I know ^.^

Do dragonflies have defense?

yes dragonflies do have defense their best defense is to fly away an other one is where they squirt water with abdomen and swim away yes dragonflies do have defense their best defense is to fly away an other one is where they squirt water with abdomen and swim away

What does defense do on Mafia Wars?

Defense allows you to better withstand fights with other mafias and get less damage. The more defense you have, the less damage other mafias can do in one fight.

You are on when the other team has the ball?


How does a floor drain work?

A floor drain , drains water and other liquids that spilled on the floor

What does defense mean in hockey?

The defense in hockey stops the other team from scoring goals. The goalie is also part of the defensive unit, he/she plays in front of the goal. Forwards also play defense, usually against the defense of the other team. Also, during penalties, the defense works in a 4-person unit to hold off the powerplay of the other team.

What is the first step to friendship?

Getting to know what the other person likes & is interested in and the other way around.

What is the difference between soft floor and hard floor?

a soft floor usually has carpet and a hard floor has wood or other things that are hard.

Is defense when the other team has the ball?

yes it is

What is a defense in negligence cases?

Affirmative Defense=which allows the defendant to present evidence that the patient's condition was the result of factors other than the defendant's negligence. Such as Denial Defense or Assumption of Risk Defense.

American goldfinch defense?

American goldfinches have a couple of different methods of defense. The first is flying away from danger. They're small birds that move very quickly. The males also have two defense calls at their disposal, one to warn of danger and another to call other finches to help out in a fight.

Where is the real copy cat hiding from poptropica?

in the bosses chair on the second floor but you need to hit all the other copycats first

How to score a point in volleybal?

Points are scored by getting the ball to hit the floor on the other team's side of the court. Other ways to score include the other team touching the net, your opponent hitting the ball out of bounds or committing a double

Could the First Crusade be viewed as self defense?

No. Defensive posture means they were attacked. The crusades invaded the Middle East, not the other way around.

What does a cat's defense system do?

defend other creatures

Does a defense lawyer have to work by themselves or with other people?

no it does not

What does the position defense in soccer do?

Defense or a defender helps the goalie put incase the goalie can not get the ball.the defense posistion in soccer is supposed to keep the other team from scoring. when the defense gets the ball, their job is to get it up to the offense

The document approved by the secretary of defense for applying the armed forces of the US in coordination with the department of defense agencies and other instruments of national power to achieve?

national defense strategy

What other ocean floor feature is formed by movement of earths plates?

what other ocean floor feature is fromed by movement of earth's plates

What does defense do in soccer?

Basically defense stops the offending team form scoring on your goal if your other teammates have failed to do so.