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How do you become 'perfect'?

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I'm sorry, but you can't be perfect. But to be semi perfect follow these rules. 1.) Always be nice, to everyone. Try not to make enimies or fights. Part of showing you are is to SMILE!! 2.) Keep your appearance sharp. Don't look like a hobo, that is not appealing. Excercise for 30 minutes a day. Drink water and stay on top of what you eat. 3.) Style is key. I cannot add anymore advice on this because trends our on and off. 4.) Condfidndence is key. Don't be too full of yourself, but dont be shallow. You'll send a good vibe if you believe in your self. 5.) Don't act like you want to be perfect, that ruins everything. 6.) Make the best of bad siguations. that is about it darling.

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What is the perfect tense for become?

Present Perfect:Have/Has becomePresent Perfect Continuous:Have/Has been becomingPast Perfect:Had becomePast Perfect Continuous:Had been becomingFuture Perfect:Will have becomeFuture Perfect Continuous:Will have been becoming

What is the past perfect tense of become?

"Had become" is the past perfect tense of become.

What is the future perfect tense of become?

The future perfect tense of become is will have become.

How you become a perfect man?

Just become a good man, that is enough of a challenge. You are not going to become perfect, no person is perfect.

What is the present perfect tense of become?

I/We/You/They have becomeHe/She/It has become

Is they became past perfect tense?

No, they became is the simple past tense of become. The past perfect tense of become is had become.

Is Have become present tense or past tense?

Have become is present perfect. Present perfect is have/has + past participle. Become is the past participle of the verb become.You have become a real problem for me

How do you become the perfect cheerleader?


Present perfect tense - with past participle of become?

Have/has become.

How do you become better at singing?

Well, If practise makes Perfect, And no body's Perfect, Why Practise?

What is the future perfect tense of became?

Will have become.

What is the tense for you have become?

Present perfect tense.

Is democracy a perfect governing system?

no it was never perfect and it might not ever become perfect cause of money and fires and what ever else is happen

What would have to happen in order for Earth to become a perfect shape?

It IS a perfect shape. Define your terms better.

How do i become a better kisser?

practice makes perfect! =)

How do you become a better kisser?

"Practice Makes Perfect"

What is the past perfect tense for become?

dont trip

How can one become an expert in kissing?

practice makes perfect babe.the more you do it the better you become.

What is the present perfect tense of 'they became very skilled'?

The present perfect tense is: They have become very skilled.

How does learned behavior become successful?

Practice makes perfect

How do you make a perfect superhero?

Become a WikiAnswers Supervisor, then you are a Perfect Superhero.PS. Free Mask, Cape and Bodysuits are available.

If today was perfect there would be no need for tomorrow?

If Today Was Perfect, All Would Become Clearer, Meanin Every Blemish, Every Cut, Every Physical Mishap About Some one Would Become Visible. So, If Today Was Perfect, Tomorrow Would Be Worse.

How do you become better Counter Strike player?

Practice makes perfect.

What is the perfect gift for a boy that wants to become a cowboy?

A cowboy hat

Can people wearing contact lens become pilots?

no, your view has to be perfect.