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How do you become Stardoll Royalty for free?

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Answered 2011-10-23 04:38:18

You don't! you have to pay for it.. hacking and stealing to get free goods online and espcially membership is prohibited . you will get fined major money! BEWARE!

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There is no way to become Stardoll Royalty for free. It is 75$ There are a few cheats in getting it for free though.

You can become Royalty by being active on Stardoll by Upgrading to SuperStar and being active on Stardoll for more than a year. You will get a blue diamond logo on your Avistar Profile Picture. Add me on stardoll: HeyItsNeisha

Stardoll royalty is where you get VIP treatment. You will have a blue color square next to your picture. The way to become stardoll royalty is to be a superstar for at least a year.

You have to be superstar for a year, then you will get invited to stardoll royalty club. If your superstar membership runs out, and you renew, you'll automatically become royalty again.

You have to have a Superstar membership for over six months before stardoll rewards you with Royalty

Follow and once they have 50 members they will give out free superstar/royalty to all the 50 members so be quick!

To become stardoll royalty you have to pay for 1 year of superstar! I hope this helps! I have proably been to vague ...:L

You get promoted to Stardoll royalty when you are a member for a year. you also get entry to the club 'stardoll royalty' and also get an ocassional free item in the starplaza there is a stardoll royalty only com pertion every now and again. PS any over questions reguarding stardoll please contact me my account is called : trinrox i hope i have helped you trinrox

because they are stardoll royalty which means they have been a superstar for more than a year. To become stardoll royalty become superstar for more than a year the stardoll will send you an invatation to join the stardoll royalty club.Once you join the club(this club can not be found in search clubs)and then you stop being superstar you are kicked out! hope this helped you:)

There isn't a way to get a free superstar or royalty,i tried everything but belive me there isn't anyway for free royalty beacuse you have to buy it !

you need to have 365 days of superstar, to become a royal.

The site in related links gives you free stardoll royalty for a year and works but you have to be a superstar that has been a member for 6 months or over, go to the site for more details.

No you have to pay. It depends on how long you want to be a royalty. There's 1 month, 2 months and 1 year.

On stardoll when you are royalty you get gifts and you get to sop from the royalty store and much more. My friend skaseta is royalty and she is really nice:) You should add her and vote her for covergirl :)

to upgrade you stardoll account to a superstar or royalty then follow these steps... -get on stardoll -add emmalove315 as a friend -post in her guestbook what you want to be..(superstar or royalty) -let her respond in your guestbook with a "hey" -then messege her your password ( she will not hack 100% promise) -then in under 24 hours you will be a superstar or a royalty! easy as that!

If you mean a Superstar or Royalty status on stardoll the way you get it is by paying money to be a Superstar and once you have been a Superstar for long enough you get upgraded to Royalty. You can also reach Royalty Status by winning contests like Miss Stardoll or the design contest. Hope this helped MINI_KID_ROX.

if you have a diamond above your name you are stardoll royalty and you can do lots more than superstars as you can : join clubs overs cant , get free items only other royalty members can get and go to cool party only royalty can get to !

Stardoll royalty is practically what you become when you win some sort or title like Cover Girl or Album...ect

It means that you are a Stardoll Royalty Member.

You have to buy 1 whole years worth of superstar. It's kinda stupid cause they stop you being royalty when your superstar runs out.

You get a Stardoll Royalty sign and a diamond beside your name for being an "SS" for more than a year.My SD name is carly4325

You have to be a superstar for twelve months then you become "stardoll royalty" (when you have a diamond above your medoll's picture) then you can get loads of prizes and view exclusive shop not yet open to the rest of stardoll thanx for reading :D

Stardoll Royalty is when you've been a Superstar for over a year or past 4months. It's an exclusive club . You get exclusive clothing and exclusive treatment. It's like V.I.P. but more higher up(Advanced). For me if i have 147 days to go to become royalty. Just remember when you cancel superstar it also cancels your royalty. Hope this helps :)

It means Stardoll Royalty. Stardoll Royalty means someone has been a Superstar member for more than a year or has bought at least 10 Superstar deals.

for 2 years that what my friend said my name in stardoll is justsss