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You need: * Talent. You can take acting classes to get better. * An agent. An agent will help you get auditions. * Persistence. You have to keep auditioning. * Luck. A little luck never hurts. Here are more opinions and answers from other FAQ Farmers: * Visit this website for detailed information on becoming an actor on broadway:

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Q: How do you become a Broadway actor?
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What is a Broadway performer?

A Broadway performer is an actor or actress who has been in a show on Broadway.

Which actor in Annie is making their Broadway debut?

Brynn O'Malley

Which Jonas Brother was a Broadway actor as a child?

Nick and joe.

Were should you move to to become an actor?

never become an actor

Who is the most famous Broadway actor?

That is a matter of opinion, and of time period.

Has Hugh Jackman performed on Broadway?

Yes, the actor Hugh Jackman has indeed performed on Broadway. He has starred in the productions of The Boy From Oz, A Steady Rain, and Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway.

Can someone become an actor having HIV?

You can become an actor having HIV.

Who influenced Alec Baldwin to become an actor?

His Mom influenced him to become an actor.

Where to be actor?

You can be an actor anywhere you want. There are options from local community theater to the stage of Broadway to being on TV or in movies in Hollywood. It all depends if you want to do it professionally or not. Most actors start out in Hollywood or New York, although only a small percentage of actor wanna bes actually become professional actors.

John has become a rather good actor?

John has become a rather good actor

How did Brad Pitt become actor?

He said "I'm going to California to become an actor" and he did it

Who is the supporting actor in cabaret?

Joel Grey won the 1972 Best Supporting Actor award for recreating his Broadway role as the Master of Ceremonies.

Which is the correct regular or irregular verb John has became a good actor or john has become a good actor?

John has become a good actor.

Is John has become a rather good actor or john has became a rather good actor which is correct?

'John has become a rather good actor' is correct.

How does an 11 year old become an actor?

You have to audition to become an actor.

How do you become a great actor?

to become a great actor don't fear shyness just follow your dreams

Why did Bill Cosby want to become an actor?

he wanted to become a actor because he wanted something to do in his life

How did Frankie grande become famous?

Broadway and Ariana

What influenced Selena Gomez to become a actor?

her mom was an actor

Is Andy Mientus gay?

He is openly Bisexual and engaged to a fellow Broadway actor, Michael Arden

What actor had the last name of pinza in the Broadway musical named south pacific?

Ezio Pinza.

Who is Daveed Diggs?

He was a Broadway actor in Hamilton and now he raps in his own band, and starred in Wonder

What high school classes are needed to become an actor?

i believe theater arts classes are needed to become an actor.

What did actor Paul Newman do for a living before becoming an actor?

Actor Paul Newman managed his family's sporting goods store in Cleveland, Ohio. His first real recognition as an actor came with his Broadway acclaim in the play titled Picnic in 1953.

What do you have to do to become a actor?

To become an actor, the first step is to go to acting school.