How do you become a Disney channel star?

Official online home of Disney Parks Talent Casting. We hold auditions all over the globe to cast the finest performers in the best theme park entertainment in the world. What is a Disney Audition like? Go to - == == you can go to the Disney channel enterprise and show them an acting skill of yours and audition when you can. Kids all over the country dream of making it big in show business. While acting jobs can be hard to land, it is possible to break into this difficult field by answering a call for a Disney Channel acting audition. Many of today's hottest young entertainers got their start from a Disney Channel acting audition. Though there are sometimes hundreds, or even thousands of people competing for just a few spots, this has been the big break that boosted the career of many performers. The easiest way to land a Disney Channel acting audition is through an agent. They are made aware of current calls and will have the specifics of the open roles available. It is much easier for inexperienced actors and actresses to get themselves noticed by using an agent than attempting to land these highly sought after roles on their own. While there are ways of getting a Disney Channel acting audition on your own, this is the simplest route. A great resource that will allow you an inside look at a Disney Channel acting audition listing is the Disney website at Their corporate section has a special page that will let the public know about any open auditions, casting calls, or extras opportunities. While this may not get you the scoop on every Disney Channel acting audition, it can be a foot in the door if you do not have an agent. Check this page regularly to see what auditions are being offered nearest you. Though winning a part through a Disney Channel acting audition can be difficult, with hard work it is possible. Just take a look at all of the big name celebrities who have become hugely successful after a start on the Disney Channel. Who knows, maybe you could be the next huge success! You would have to audition for it.