How do you become a better friend?

Friendship is about being loyal, honest, respect and to be there when the person needs you and you should expect the same from them. Friendships remind me of roses because there are thorns (meaning you will have some arguments) and then there is the bud (that's just when you meet and start getting to know each other) and when the flower is in full bloom then this is when you have grown to be kindred spirits sharing a deep bond that both deserve. A friend is someone you can tell anything too without fear of it getting around to others and, as time goes by the friendship grows deeper. It's not only about sharing pain, but joy and some good old fashion belly laughs and good memories. Just be yourself and if you are all the things above and listen to your friend, are honest, try to give advice, and also just listen (we can't fix everything) then that's the best you can be. Marcy