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Friendship is about being loyal, honest, respect and to be there when the person needs you and you should expect the same from them. Friendships remind me of roses because there are thorns (meaning you will have some arguments) and then there is the bud (that's just when you meet and start getting to know each other) and when the flower is in full bloom then this is when you have grown to be kindred spirits sharing a deep bond that both deserve. A friend is someone you can tell anything too without fear of it getting around to others and, as time goes by the friendship grows deeper. It's not only about sharing pain, but joy and some good old fashion belly laughs and good memories. Just be yourself and if you are all the things above and listen to your friend, are honest, try to give advice, and also just listen (we can't fix everything) then that's the best you can be. Marcy

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Q: How do you become a better friend?
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How can you become a better friend?

dont let your friend down never break promises and help through tough times

How can you send a gift to a friend who is a not a friend of mine yet?

If you want to become someone's friend and you want to give a gift to that person, try talking to him or her first. I think it will work better to become a friend first, and give a gift afterward. If you aggressively demand a friendship, you will be suspected of having some dishonest motive.

Are tigers cuddly?

if you look after it ,it will become your friend but if it is a wild animal you'd better off staying away from it

How do you go on a date with your best friend?

I believe you can go on date with a best friend. But when you really look forward to these dates . you better look out because ur best friend my become your new boyfriend/girlfriend.

How can you become friends with your older brothers friend?

If you are really close with your friend, then tell her. Then she can invite him in on some group activities, and you'll get to know the brother better. Hope this helps!! :)

What should you do if your crush likes you back but doesnt want to be your boyfriend?

become his friend or move on and find somebody better

How do you make people feel better when losing friends?

Be there friend you never know you might become good friends.

Can i become your friend i am a big fan of you?

sure. you can be my friend

Will you become my friend?


If I become emancipated at 17 can i move in with a friend who is 22?

If i become emancipated at 17 can I move in with a friend who is 22?

How do you help a friend that misses a good friend and teacher?

try to be a better friend :)

How should I break up with my boyfriend?

Be very nice and apologetic. Remember to be completely honest with him and don't lie. And just friend zone him if you want it to become a friendship. A friend is better than a nasty breakup.

What should you do if a guy likes you but to shy to ask you out?

Same prob. here - become a better friend with him so he'll be less shy aroung you.

What should you do if your friend likes the girl you like?

beat the crap out of him or you should attempt to show how much better you are compared to the firned, if you feel you don't want to lose the firendship simply try to become more involed with the other individual with out your friend. Prove to the girl that your the better man and if hes your friend and she likes you, he should understand

What should i do to impress a boy you like?

Act indifferent. If he is popular then he will try to earn your respect. Or try to become his friend. After you become his friend become his best friend by doing things he likes to do. It a win win solution!

What is annex friend?

Perhaps you mean " an ex-friend," that is a friend from whom one has become estranged, a former friend.

How do you become a friend of Nicki minaji?

You could become a friend of Nicki Minaj by friending the singer on Facebook or other social media websites. You might also become a friend by meeting her at a concert or through mutual friends.

How do you get friends on imbee?

you invite the person to be a friend and then your teacher will approve them to be a friend then the person who got invited to be a friend they will approve you to become a a friend and your their friend

How do you become better at gymnastics than your best friend?

Good coaching, good diet, a healthy life style, aerobic and anaerobic training, and practice.

How do you become Miranda Cosgrove's friend?

this is a hard question,here is a tip:you should know her better and in personal,research more about her.maybe this tip can help you.

How you can get a girfriend?

Don't "get" a girl friend, but you can become a friend to a girl and take her out.

What if a friend who are nice but jealous at the same time?

i am not sure i get the question but if that is what you have for a friend you better change your friend

What do you do if your friend's friend is being mean to her and you want to help?

you tell your friend she deserves better and that ur there for her.

How do you become Justin Biebers girl friend?

become rich and pretty...become SOMEONE

What to do if your best friend is a psycho gun nut?

Find a better friend.