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How do you become a dog trainer?


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dog trainerthere are many online sites that allow you to do corrispondants for this, however as a trainer myself i would recomend going to a vet or a training facility in your area and seeing what training is available there. aprentaceing is the best way to become a trainer in my opinion. just having a 3 month course dosent make you look credible. some of these courses are not very good either. one good one to check out ia abc. animal behavior college of California


Another optionThe above answer is acurate in that hands on it the best way to learn. I myself became a professional dog trainer through an on-site school for professional dog trainers. It is the largest facility of its kind in the country, and offers an excellent program. They are also offering online courses starting in January 09 that will be a lot more interactive than the competitors.


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There are no educational requirements to be a dog trainer.

There is no special place you have to live to become a dog trainer. But it might be a good idea, if you are considering moving, to live near a dog trainer college.

start eating dog biscuits da and they will promote u to actually work there! so find a dog, buy him food, eat his food, and become a "dog trainer"!!!!

a dog license dummy a dog license dummy

It will take up to 2 years depending on the program. You will then be a certified dog trainer.

There are no qualification or licensing requirements to become a dog trainer. Most people choose to study under a dog trainer or take an online training program to hone their skills.

Learn how to train dogs, first?

If one decides to apply to be a dog trainer with the K9 Centre Dog Training Franchise, one can sign up and apply by sending an application or by sending an email.

The best place in Calgary to take training courses to become a certified dog trainer is through one of the Calgary Alberta Dog Training Schools. The school is perfect for Canadians who love animals.

Here is a decent list of dog training schools in your area, many to choose from. :

Because if you are a mean trainer your dog will disobey you

Before becoming a dog trainer, you should take classes to help you prepare for the career. Obtaining a certificate as a dog trainer only takes a few weeks. It is possible to enter the field self-taught, but it may be hard to find clients when you are just starting out, without a certificate. The American Dog Trainers Network receives dozens of inquiries every week regarding how to become a professional dog trainer. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer. All you really need is years of experience with your own dogs to be seen as 'qualified'. However, buisness will be harder if you don't join a dog training club/collage to get an actual certificate. These dog trainer schools are found almost everywhere, most of which are online courses.

no you don't. you can always apprentice. there are a lot of organizations that have apprenticeship programs.

An assistance dog trainer is a person who trains dogs to assist a person with a disability.

If your talking about the brampton dog trainer area...... Then shrinking.

You have to become a five star trainer first

No You do not have to go to college to be a dog trainer. My teachers sister is a dog trainer and she did not go to college. If you want to start a dog training business, it might help to take some business courses.

For a normal dog trainer education is not required, but it is still suggested.

To be a dog trainer you need a degree (i don't know which kind) in biology or zoology.

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