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How do you become a footballer?

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First you need to train hard. You need to listen to your coach. (If you have one.) Then scouts may be sent out to your local club. (If you have one.) Then if they think you are worthy they may sent another scout to have another look at you. Then if you have been assessed and said yes he can be a worthy contender you will faced some trials. Then you will either be brought in or let go. Then after your time at the academy you will face a exit trial. This determines whether you will be a pro or let go. On fifa 17 Alex Hunter faces some exit trials and only you can help him succeed. Good luck on your footballing journey and hopefully you will get scouted. Thanks you,


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He started at 12 years.

Who helped Cristiano Ronaldo become a footballer?

His father

When did Cristiano Ronaldo become a footballer?

he became a footballer at the age of 21 if u have different answer then change my answer but i swear its 21

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steven gerrard became a footballer when he was 5 years old not a real footballer but started practising. but i dont know when he became a real footballer maybe around 1992 from zaid

What inspired Lionel Messi to become a footballer?

Steven Gerrard

What did Aston dream of when he was younger?

to become a Footballer, or to perform on stage

What are the three things in school to become a footballer?

First of all sportsman ship then you should be active ever, and look active as well, exercise on a daily basis can help you a lot to become a footballer.

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Maybe is he trys hard enough!!!

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coz he had nothing better to do

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You must play well in high school and college.

How do you become a professional soccer player in India?

To become a soccer player in India you must do a lot of practice.Practice can led you to become a professional footballer.

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You need to develop your muscles and gain stamina as well.

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He became a pro footballer in 1998.

How do you become a professional footballer?

You have to practice and practice to become a professional fotballer (ever heared of the saying 'practice makes perfect')

What do you have to do to be a footballer?

A footballer is a professional soccer player. To become a professional sports player, you need some athletic ability. Training and hard work to develop this ability is needed.

How did mia hamm's become famous?

Mia Hamm became famous as a footballer. She won the ladies world cup for the U.S.A. And also won the lady footballer of the year.

What qualifications do you need to become a football player?

all you need to do is be a good footballer :0