How do you become a mujahid?

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Abdullah Mujahid was born in 1971.

Mujahid Jamshed was born in 1971.

Mujahid Kamran was born on 1951-01-23.

Mujahid ibn Jabr was born in 642.

Mujahid ibn Jabr died in 722.

Fazal Haq Mujahid was born in 1954.

Nur ibn Mujahid died in 1567.

Mujahid Dokubo-Asari was born in 1964.

Fazal Haq Mujahid died on 1997-05-31.

Muhannad - Mujahid Emir - was born in 1970.

Mujahid Students Movement was created on 1971-05-06.

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Muhannad - Mujahid Emir - died on 2011-04-21.

Dhoruba al-Mujahid bin Wahad was born in 1945.

Al-Muhtasib al-Mujahid Hamzah died in 1066.

The cast of Mujahid - 2013 includes: Madina Hamidi as Patricia Ben Hamidou as Fayyad Bond Mgebrishvili as Tegenstander Abbas Shirafkan as Mujahid Marc Van Dijck as Dokter

Mahmoud Abd Al Aziz Abd Al Mujahid was born in 1977.

Every citezen there gets drafted and serves a term you need to become a citizen.

The cast of American Joy - 2011 includes: Andy McDermott as Andy Rapp Asim Mujahid as Asim Mujahid

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He is certainly not violent himself, so he is not a mujahid in the sense of being a physical warrior. However, according to the British government, which banned his coming in 2010, he is responsible for the radicalization of some youths (a charge that Naik denies). From the perspective that the Jihad is advocacy of Islam and Islamic values, Zakir Naik is definitely a mujahid.

many crops taliban and mujahid are present there

The cast of Mujahid - 2009 includes: Pedro Colon as Aslam Ali Kamil Grzych as Jake Bruster Phoenix Sampson as Justin Srinath Ramalingam as Malik

The cast of Mujahid-e-Azadi Ashfaqulla Khan - 2014 includes: Gaurav Nanda as Ashfaqulla Khan

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