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How do you become a phyciatrist?

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first you of course have to go to college. then you can get a job assisting a phyciatrist. once you learn the buisness you can branch off on your own or become part of a firm. either way you will have a lot of time and money built into this career.

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How many years do it take to become a phyciatrist?

I think 12 years in collage

Can you become a phyciatrist without a high school diploma?

You need a university degree.

Are pencils evil?

a-WHAT? They arn't alive! Maybe you should see a phyciatrist....CYCO!!!

How much do phyciatrist make?

Can regular physicians prescribe depression meds or only phyciatrists?

A physician can perscribe anti-depression medicine, but whether they do or not is a personal option. Physicians often first refer the patient to a phyciatrist for a consultation. Once the phyciatrist has a greed that an anti-depressent is the appropriate treatment, then the physician will take care of monitoring and perscribing refills.

Salary of a phyciatrist?

The average salary of a psychiatrist is $207,000 per year. The average hourly rate of a psychiatrist is $99 per year.

What are jobs that pay a lot of money?

Doctors, good lawyers, famous celebrities, phyciatrist, vet, biologist, movie director, doctor, dentist ect

How do you seek help for bipolar disorder?

You need to go to your doctor and get some medication so that your brain can function properly and that you will have the bipolar under control. If you think it is needed, go to some counseling or see a phyciatrist to help you out.

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Yes. Leonardo da vinci was crazy , infact he went to more than 100 phyciatrist and they never found a cure for him. At age 34 He shot him self in a wheat field and died 2 days later.

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How can you deal with anger and frustration?

Do things that make you happy. :D If you enjoy to hang out with a male/female and it makes you feel better, then hang out with them. Consider speaking to a phyciatrist if you have any problems that you need to discuss. Also, get rid of stress factors. Ask yourself "What makes me so angry or frustrated?". Then solve the problem in a sensible way. There are all kinds of methods used to deal with anger/frustration. It's common sense,

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