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Q: How do you become a podiatrist?
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Can you use podiatrist in a sentence?

A podiatrist has to undergo a lengthy process to become qualified.

Can a nurse become a podiatrist?


How do you pronounce podiatrist?

Podiatrist is pronounced po·di·a·trist  (puh-dahy-uh-trist).

What is a podiatrist?

Foot doctor!

Who treats feet?

A podiatrist does.A podiatrist specializes in feet.

How much will it cost to become a podiatrist?

on average, its 22,000-26,000 a year at podiatry school. So, 4 years times that equals about 100,000. That's just just for tuition. +Room and board and books, transportation.Thus, roughly about 125,000 dollars to become a podiatrist.!!!

Do you capitalize podiatrist?

No. When simply referring to a podiatrist, there is no need to capitalise it. It would be capitalised if it was part of a title on a sign, such as "T.M.Smith, Podiatrist".

What part of the body does a podiatrist look after?

A Podiatrist looks after the human foot

What part of the body does the podiatrist work on?

Podiatrist practice in the disorder and maintenance of feet.Your feet

Where does a podiatrist work?

In UK a podiatrist can work in private practice or in the National Health Service

What is a sentence for the word podiatrist?

Example sentence - The podiatrist recommended using an arch insert in her shoes.

What is a podiatrist job?

Podiatrist will study, diagnos, and treat of disorders of the foot, ankle, and lower leg.

Can a MD become a podiatrist?

All MD's are licensed to treat the foot. All podiatrists are licensed to treat the foot. Any one that is licensed to treat the foot can treat the foot. If an MD is treating the foot they are not allowed to call themselves a DPM but an MD. The public should be aware of the credentials of an MD. Why would an MD want to spend money to become a podiatrist if there are not enough podiatry residencies to get a license as a podiatrist. I suppose because as an MD they are already licensed to treat the foot.

What classes are needed to become a podiatrist?

In the US, to become a podiatrist, first you need to complete a 4 year college degree. Then, you complete 4 years of podiatric medical school, which has a heavy emphasis on foot and ankle problems compared to most other MD degree programs. Then, like all other MDs, you complete a 4 year residency. Becoming a podiatrist is a long a process. Between your undergraduate,post graduate,and residencey you will have a 12 year commitment.

Is a podiatrist a doctor?

yes they are

What is a antonym for podiatrist?


What is the word podiatrist syllable box?

There are 4 syllables in the word podiatrist, divided as follows:po\di\a\trist

When was Lee Rogers - podiatrist - born?

Lee Rogers - podiatrist - was born on 1978-02-27.

Finding The Right Podiatrist?

The job of a podiatrist is to treat different disorders of the feet. A podiatrist is basically a foot specialist and is commonly referred to as a a foot doctor. While many people are unaware, there are many different health conditions that occur in the feet which is one of the main reasons that a podiatrist is needed. If an individual has any discomfort of their feet, their regular doctor will typically refer them to a podiatrist. podiatrists do not just deal with patients suffering from pain in their feet but they also deal with corns, bunions, and warts. This type of doctor can also remove stubborn and painful ingrown toenails. Those suffering from arthritis may also visit a podiatrist regularly. A podiatrist will work with the patient to find the most comfortable ways to keep the feet fully function. They will also offer support and recommendations to the patient such as proper footwear suggestions.A variety of foot conditions can occur in just about anyone. A podiatrist works with both adults and children. While adults are more likely to need a podiatrist for foot conditions, children may also see a podiatrist for certain conditions such as warts or a sprain. Whether there was an injury such as a sprain or an infection, a podiatrist will be responsible for attempting to treat these issues. Many people have foot pain that is associated with other medical problems that they are currently suffering from. In some cases, a podiatrist will set up a surgery to help relieve the pain that the patient is going through or they will require physical therapy for the patient.If an individual is suffering from any medical condition of the feet, it is important to seek medical assistance from a certified podiatrist. Before choosing the right podiatrist, one should make sure that podiatrist is certified. Typically, a podiatrist will need to have completed a four year college program studying podiatry. To run a successful office, they must have passed all of the city and state examinations to become licensed. A good podiatrist will always put patients needs first and will offer the right support that the patient needs.

What is the difference between a podiatrist and a chiropodist?

Chiropodist is the British English version of podiatrist, which is the American English version of "foot doctor."

A 'podiatrist' is a doctor specilising in what part of the patients body?

The lower limb so basically the knee down :)

A specialist in disorders of the feet?


How much does a podiatrist get paid?

about $94,000

What is the study of maladies of the feet?


What is the name for foot doctor?