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How do you become an accountant?


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"Accountant" is a fairly general term and might refer to anyone from a CPA to a bookkeeper. A bookkeeper may not need any formal education. Most accountant have at least an associate's degree, and many have a bachelor's degree in accounting. (To be a CPA you also need to take a test and be licensed by the state. See the link for "How to become a CPA?" to the right.)


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Do you mean accountANT? Become an accountant?

to become a accountant you have to study 5 to 7 years

I would like to become an accountant. What certifications do I need to do this?

You do not need a financial certification to become an accountant. To become a certified accountant you will need a financial certification, and to become a CPA you will also need to pass an exam.

To become an accountant you must have a degree. To become certified you must take the state test and pass.

You would take the CPA exam to become a Certified Public Accountant.

Yes, to become an Accountant you need formal training, to pass exams and formal acreditation.

An accountant needs to have a positive attitude to do their job. An accountant also needs to be friendly and upbeat.

Yes sure... Why not. Surely girls can become a charted accountant.

You would have to study at least 4 or 5 years to become a charted accountant.

yes i 12th class student and i want to become chartered accountant

You cannot get an accountant job without paper qualifications. You can either get an accounting degree or have a degree in something else but take an exam to become an accountant.

It is probably not possible for an accountant to become a millionaire with nothing but his or her salary. However, if they win the lottery, they will possibly be a millionaire.

No. Just some basic mathematics modules! You dont need rocket science to become an accountant

The career aspirations for an accountant can vary for each accountant depending on where they are in their field. One may wish to become a CPA while another may aspire to become an accounting professor.

It depends on what type of accountant you want to become. If you simply want to become an accountant of your family business, your Dad will never ask you about your degree. If you want to become an accountant in other business enterprises, they will definitely ask you about your final degree testimonials. If you want to become a Chartered Accountant, you have to qualify the exams and this is not an easy task. Life is not that easy as we think. And it is also not so difficult as we all fear about. Balance yourself and you will get what you want. But prepare for your final exams in accountancy.

contact CIMA and ACCA, the are the two bodies that can see you become an accountant

it took 4 years to became a charter accountant

Well, "Staff Accountant" is the name of a position whithin an accounting firm. After being a staff accountant you can become a Senior Staff Accountant, and then a Manager and ultimatelly a partner of the accounting firm. Whereas, an accountant is any person that works either in public or private accountancy.

Well, I'm not so sure, but my mom is an accountant because she likes math

One reason that you may wish to become an accountant is because you enjoy working with numbers. You could like the structure of taking care of books, and doing taxes.

Yes, to become a "Certified Public Accountant", you must pass the State CPA exam. It would also help if you learned to spell "accountant".

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