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How do you become an admin on Wikipedia in one week?

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It's impossible on the English Wikipedia, but it may be possible on other Wikipedias with much smaller readerships. It usually takes several months to become an admin on the English Wikipedia.

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How do you become a admin in tankionline?

you will have to talk to one of the admins to know that one

How do you be admin on any minecraft server without paying for it?

You become an admin when a current admin lets you be one, so I would suggest asking nicely.

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Most likely you were blocked by one or more admins at wikipedia. They have literally thousand of rules and guidelines and it only takes one admin to block you permanentlly. You maybe blocked by your isp there could be problems on your browser you could be blocked on wikipedia

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the leader of said group would make you one.

How do you make yourself administrator on vista if you are not administrator?

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Well if you mean ROBLOX company admin, like Telamon or Keith, you can't just become one. If you mean like admin commands then you add an admin commands script into your place and say some of the commands it comes with.

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I'm sorry. But this is in the wrong category. Anyways, it's impossible to become one for free. Sincerely, A Wiki Admin

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One can use a Php admin to store information which can be easily accessed. If one uses the Php my admin one can have it to keep updated automatically.

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Admin on Facebook is the one who manages the Facebook page. Admin can post, monitor and restrict the audience on their pages.

How do you become an administrator on Wikipedia?

Didn't mean to become a question, I already know how. Sorry. Any one who doesn't know how to become one click on the link in the related links below.

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Where can one find Oracle SOA Admin tutorials online?

You will get the oracle SOA admin tutorial on the Oracle website. check the following link:

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