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pick up a board and practice

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How can you become a sponsored skateboarder?

become hella good

How can you become a good skateboarder?


What is the education needed to become a professional skateboarder?

you need NO!!!!!... education to be a pro skateboarder, maybe some English

Can a skateboarder become higher than pro?


Can you become a pro skateboarder?

Yes, if you get noticed by skate companies on contests and such, they can sponsor you. That basically means you are a pro skateboarder since you're being paid for skateboarding.

Do you need to finish high school to become a pro skateboarder?

nooooooooooooooooooooooo nooooooooooooooooooooooo

How do you become a good skateboarder?

by skating everyday and never quit even if its hard

How do you become a skateboarder?

You practice everyday none stop and just do your best to be the best

What actors and actresses appeared in Barge at Will - 1989?

The cast of Barge at Will - 1989 includes: Mark Cernicky as Skateboarder Mike Crescini as Skateboarder Jeff Ferris as Skateboarder Tom Groholski as Skateboarder Ken Park as Skateboarder Lee Ralph as Skateboarder Kealoha Rosecrans as Skateboarder Marco Saiz as Skateboarder Kevin Staab as Skateboarder

On which MTV show might a high school cheerleader try to become a skateboarder?


Are there colleges that teach you how to become a pro skateboarder?

NO. This is NOT a profession that requires study only practice.

When did toni hawk start to become a famous skateboarder?

In the 80's when he was really young.

When did Chris Cole become a professional skateboarder?

In the year 2000 Chris attained professional status.

What actors and actresses appeared in Alpha-bet Soup - 1992?

The cast of Alpha-bet Soup - 1992 includes: Mark Cernicky as Skateboarder Mike Crum as Skateboarder Jeff Ferris as Skateboarder Chris Gentry as Skateboarder Bo Ikeda as Skateboarder Mark Oblow as Skateboarder

Is Ryan sheckler a skateboarder?

yes hes a pro skateboarder

What makes a skateboarder a skateboarder?

It means they have a skateboard and are committed to landing tricks after going airborn. Its not the skill that makes you a skateboarder its the determination.

What are your opinions on who is the baddest skateboarder?

worst skateboarder that is famous, Justin Bieber

Do Cole Sprouse good skateboarder?

yes he is a very good skateboarder

How did Ryan sheckler become a pro?

Ryan sheckler became a pro skateboarder after he won a local skate competition when he was about ten. he began to gain the attention of sponsors and soon became the world's youngest professional skateboarder at the age of 13.

Who is the best pro skateboarder out there?

there is no best skateboarder.evry skater has his own style.

When was Skateboarder - magazine - created?

Skateboarder - magazine - was created in 1964.

What does it take to be a pro skateboarder?

The answer to be a pro skateboarder is alot of practice and advise for friends who skateboard.

Is is the Best SkateBoarder?

There is no best skateboarder..evry one has his own style and way to skate.

Can Ryan sheckler is your favorite skateboarder?

NO! Ryan sheckler, in fact cannot is your favorite skateboarder!!!!

Who is the best vert skateboarder in the world?

Tony Hawk is best skateboarder in the VERT categorie

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