How do you become an effective wife?

Wifely traits:




taking care of your husband when he gets home from work to make sure he can relax.

spending atleast 2days a week w/ just the two of you

giving both of you a night out w/ just friends a week

spending time w/ friends and each other other times of the week

Handle the finances if your the one that is actually good w/ money.

communicating w/ him

encouraging him

If you have a baby taking care of it and then passing him/her onto dad whenever he's not worn out--p.s. if he is home and has nothing to do and has already relaxed give him the baby enjoy some down time.

cooking and doing dishes but having him do dishes some nights

being creative and sexually satisfying him not just when it's right for you but for both of you.

Helping him out.

Loving him

and trusting him--the most important factor.