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== == An embalmer is a person who does embalming. Embalming is the name for a variety of procedures used to preserve the body of a deceased from decay.

Embalming is part of the mortuary science field. There are schools that teach it.

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Q: How do you become an embalmer?
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What college do you go to become an embalmer?

you don't need to go to college to become an embalmer. You need to be 18 years or older, and you must have your high school deploma. If you feel the need to go to college, go in for Thanatology. This might get you a better chance into becoming an embalmer or even a mortician.

What are Ohio requirements for a funeral director and embalmer?

Hi there. The best way to get solid information about the requirements to become a funeral director or embalmer is to contact the licensing board in the state in question.

Is a mortician the same as an embalmer?

No,a mortician is not the same as embalmer

When was Embalmer - band - created?

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Why do some embalmer dont want to have interview regarding to their work?

Cos some embalmer not want have interview regarding to their work!

What are the release dates for Embalmer's Gray - 2014?

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Who prepares a body for interment?

an embalmer :)

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How much money does an embalmer make yearly?

an embalmer or also called a mortician can make 35,000 to 45,000 a year! by:

What is embalmer?

mummafies a body mummafies a body

What is a person who made mummies called?


Who is the person who preserves a body?

A mortician, or embalmer.

What is an embalmer meaning in spanish?

Un embalsamador

Does an embalmer have a great social status in Egypt?


What is the working environment of an embalmer?

The working environment of an embalmer is to be cleam and sanitary at all times. Because the are working with the dead. the working environment of an embalmer must be clean and saniterry at all times. and it must stay closed at all times because they are working with the dead.

What does an embalmer do to the dead body?

The embalmer is the one who is responsible for grooming, clothing and adding chemicals to the dead body. Embalming is intended to temporarily preserve the body of a dead person.

What does embalmer mean?

Mummifying a body is not the same as embalming.

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Discribe your ideal job?

Embalmer; dead bodies rule

What is the average income of a California embalmer?

the average income is 300,990,234.788

How long do it take to be a embelmer?

How long of schooling will you need to be and embalmer

What rhymes with Dahmer?


What is the job of an embalmer?

An embalmer is responsible for preserving a human body after death. You would drain the blood from the body through the large vein in the neck. This is replaced by embalming fluid which keeps the body from decaying.

What are the requirements to be an embalmer in Ohio?

There are a number requirements for one to be an embalmer in Ohio. You would need mortuary science degree or an associate degree, experience from apprenticeships and license from the relevant authorities among others.

How much money does a funeral home director or embalmer earn?