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I love questions like this one because they leave so much to the imagination and are open to more than one interpretation. I guess the answer depends on what your definition of scared is. If you mean he's shy or he's scared of girls in general, that's one thing. You may be able to overcome that problem. But if you mean he's scared because you like him and he doesn't think you're cute, well, that's another kettle of fish. If it's the latter, then just forget about him. There are other nice guys out there. But if he's shy or uncomfortable around girls, well, then you could do something. But you can't just wait around. You have to be a bit forward and put yourself in a position to be able to interact with him. Do you know his name? Does he know yours? You have to go up to him and say hello and introduce yourself, even if that makes him feel uncomfortable at first. It may take a while, but eventually he'll start to get used to the idea that you like him, and he'll start to like you, hopefully. So, don't wait around hoping for things to happen. Make them happen.

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How do you get a popular guy to notice you?

become his friend or become friends with his friends and pretend like you couldn't care less what he thinks about you!

Is Hailey scared of sharks?

Yes she is , because when she goes to the beach and , in to the water she thinks they will eat her .

If someone is staring at you and you talk to her and is also your friends sister is scared of you what should i do?

look, even though you say that the other girl is scared of you..... DONT CARE!!!!! WHO ARES WHAT SHE THINKS??????? just go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does jazmine dubois like huey freeman?

Because she thinks he cute, smart, and intelligent. She thinks they are become close friends, but Huey isn't interested in Jazmine at all. But Huey says a so sweet sometimes.

How do you get a girl that she knows I love her but we don't know each other?

Meet her first and become friends. When you think she knows you, and she thinks your a cool guy, tell her. Meet her first and become friends. When you think she knows you, and she thinks your a cool guy, tell her.

Why is your cat scared of everyone but you?

she thinks their strangers.

Is it normal that your dog is making friends with wild skunks?

Because your dog thinks its a skunk

A classmate thinks we are friends but we are not because she is mean?

same happens with me. My classmate thinks she is my best friend but i know she is not the one i think is my best friend.

Why is halo bad?

well, you see because Mr. Hunt said so. because mr. Hunt thinks you will become Captian Columbine! because mr. Hunt thinks you will become Captian Columbine! And then go the way of the dodo bird

Why does John McCain want to become president?

because he thinks that he has something to offer

Why should people be scared of earthquakes?

They shouldn't because it usually means that the earths plates are shifting and maybe this can be my opinion but if anyone else thinks earthquakes are scary its because the get scared when a building or house and their items start falling or jumping or shaking.

If a girl smiles and says your so funny does she like you?

She eather likes you, or thinks your funny and wants to become good friends with you

When did Keyshia Cole become a singer?

because she wants to get money and she thinks she can sing good that is it

What does that mean if the guy you like still stares at you for a long time if before he always went near you and tried to talk to you but you got scared?

maybe he does like you, he is just afraid that you dont like him because you always got scared before. he probably thinks that because you were scared before that you dont like him at all. try talking to him.

Why can Mexicans come and bomb the US?

Because the Mexicans are faking to be nice so the US thinks they are friends.

Should you ditch your friends for your girlfriend?

No! NEVER! Friends are always there for you. Your girlfriends will come and go! if she is saying its me or your friends she is not the write girl, you just need to make her become friends with your friends, get her in the group, i don't know why every one thinks it needs to be one or the other.

How do you ask out a seventh grade boy that your in class with?

What you do is get his number ask a couple of your really good friends to call him and ask him what he thinks of you and then just tell your friend to say if she asked you out then what would you say.That's how you see what he thinks about you and if he says he would go out with you then ask him out cause by then you shouldn't be scared.

What to do if you like a guy who thinks your friends are weird?

try to keep him from your friends

How did Toby kill himself?

Toby had killed hisself by hanging hisself. He killed hisself because when Emily got scared when he was trying to tell her about what happen last summer. But Emily Got scared because aria texts her and tells her That she thinks that Toby is the killer of alison but he isn't.

Why does he still contact after breakup?

maybe because he cares about u and thinks u 2 r friends now

If your best friends think that you and another person are a good couple do you ask them out?

No, you want to ask them out because you like them, not because you friend thinks you are a good couple.

Is Billie-Jo An Irish Name?

HARD !! pikey style :) pretty young atractive happy bubbley and has realy good close friends she isn't scared to say what she thinks and stick up for her friends she also sticks out from the croud :) nice traveler :) xx

Why aren't Sophie and annabel friends in the book just listen?

because Sophie thinks that annabel slept with Will Cash, her boyfirend

When a guy comes out just to talk to you does that mean he likes you?

Either he likes you or he just wants to be friends with you because he thinks you are cool.

Why does your big sister avoid you?

Because your big sister thinks your a big pile of trash and she only cares about her self and her friends.