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How do you become friends with a nice guy who is scared of you because he thinks you like him?


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I love questions like this one because they leave so much to the imagination and are open to more than one interpretation. I guess the answer depends on what your definition of scared is. If you mean he's shy or he's scared of girls in general, that's one thing. You may be able to overcome that problem. But if you mean he's scared because you like him and he doesn't think you're cute, well, that's another kettle of fish. If it's the latter, then just forget about him. There are other nice guys out there. But if he's shy or uncomfortable around girls, well, then you could do something. But you can't just wait around. You have to be a bit forward and put yourself in a position to be able to interact with him. Do you know his name? Does he know yours? You have to go up to him and say hello and introduce yourself, even if that makes him feel uncomfortable at first. It may take a while, but eventually he'll start to get used to the idea that you like him, and he'll start to like you, hopefully. So, don't wait around hoping for things to happen. Make them happen.