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If you go to any country illegally, you are always illegal. Plus, marrying a US citizen not only does not make you legal, it will create problems for that US citizens too if the officials find out.

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Just because you marry a legal citizen, it does not make you a leagal citizen. When I married my husband who was a legal alien he still had to go through the same channels to become a legal US citizen and he had to be sworn in.

No, but it does give you the ability to complete the naturalization process.

No. The only way to become a citizen is to be born in the country or do the regular process of becoming a citizen.

In order to become a citizen you would need to take a citizen test. You would need to obtain some sort of work permit to stay in the country.

No, marriage to a US citizen only reduces the required residency period for permanent residents who wish to become US citizens.

Check with the laws in your state before getting married, but in most states, anyone who marries a United States citizen can become a US citizen, and thus be legal.

No. He or she is required to apply for permanent residence status according to US immigration laws.

by legally marrying that us citizen or print a form from the internet requesting to be a permanent resident

After 5 years living in the US you can apply for Naturalization ( to become an American citizen) (form N-400 $675). You have to past the Naturalization test when you go for your interview. That's all there is.

No. He or she must still apply for permanent resident status and then citizenship as required by US immigration laws.

No. Marrying a US Citizen abroad does not guarantee you legal entry to the US

No. The process of becoming a US citizen by marrying a US citizen is no longer applicable. The person must apply for citizenship through required legal procedures. However,it is understood that baring any unusual circumstances citizenship will be granted. A child born in the US becomes a US citizen with all the rights and privileges thereof.

Marrying a citizen is not enough to get citizenship. If the marriage was done to get citizenship and there was no love or committment, the marriage is illegal.

You've got to be kidding. Breaking the law is not the path to citizenship or permanent residence, neither is marriage.

no,but the us citizen can help the immigrant become legal.

You need to get a visa, and go through the process of becoming a legal U.S. citizen. The marriage is not legally binding if one partner is an illegal alien. Go to the U.S. government site and see what it takes to become a citizen when marrying a U.S. citizen.

You can be adopted by a US citizen. You can be sponsored by an immediate relative that is a US citizen or a permanent green card holder. Marrying a U.S. citizen does not automatically confer citizenship or permanent resident status on the new spouse. Adoption is only allowed if the child is 16-years or younger has been certified an orphan by his or her country of origin and has been granted an IR4 visa for entrance into the United States. Contact the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services for information pertaining to the individual's specific circumstances or visit

If there was illegal entry, then no, marriage doesnt make you a legal resident. You would need to file a 130 petition along with a I-601 waiver at the U.S. embassy/consulate in HONDURAS, and you would be required to appear there. If you had legal entry, then it would be possible to get legal residency through marriage to a citizen.

No, you do not.Marrying a US citizen never automatically makes you a citizen- however, it does speed up the process if you are trying to naturalize. Normally, a legal resident has to wait 5 years before they can apply for US citizenship; if a legal resident marries a US citizen, this is shortened to 3 years.

As long as they have the appropriate visa, they can come and go as they please.

No, a non legal citizen with a legal work permit can not adopt in the US. The person may adopt once they become a legal citizen.

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