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How do you become more confident around a girl you like?

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Absolutely not having the thought of fearing to feel humiliated, if you screw up.

Smiling and laughing shows confidence too. You know like having a sense of humor. And looking people right in their eyes when you talk to them. Not nosing off in other places as you think of what to say.

You have to understand that females are like books with no ending. lol

And a beautiful puzzle with missing pieces.

2012-02-03 22:14:25
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How do you become a perfect for a girl?

Be yourself and be confident about it. If she doesn't like you for you she's not worth it

How does a 5th grade girl get a boy?

be confident and hang around with the boys! then when you feel confident around them pick one and hint that you like him. ( wink at him, look at him and then look away when he notices you) then if you think you like him tell him.

How do you get a skinny boy to like a fat girl?

be confident.

What does Jake Owen like in a girl?

He like a girl with confident and one that do not freak out ever time they see him

Is it normal for shy guys to feel nervous around a girl that they like?

as a girl, I think that's cute. I like shy guys than overly confident guys...these guys tend to be jerks.

Can a confident outgoing guy act shy around a shy quiet girl he likes?

Yes he because if he truly like her than he can.

Would a girl who likes you tell you who they like if you ask them?

Answer If the girl is confident and feels comforatable telling you then she will. If the girl is not confident or wants you to know that she likes you without having to ask she will withhold whom she likes until you tell her you like her first.

What does it mean when a guy friend hugs a girl around her waist and leans on her while putting his head on her shoulder?

The guy is attracted towards the girl, but is not yet confident that she will like his kissing her.

How do you be confident around guy you like?

heres something i have always told my friends with this problem, and i do it myself. if you dont feel confident...just pretend that you are! just pretend that your confident and it will give the impression you are to those around you. after a while it will become natural for you to act like it. theres nothing more sexy than confidence apparently! lol good luck x

Why is it some people are really confident and can do anything but you are really nervous especially when it comes to telling girls you like them?

Being confident and being confident to me is like two different things. You can be confident at doing things but if you like a girl... anyone can get nervous except for 'players' they are pros at it.

Can guys be confident and shy?

Yes. A guy can be confident and still be feel shy about talking about their feelings and personal stuff like that. Most men can be completely confident but still be scared stiff by the girl they like.

Can an outgoing confident guy be shy and just shows signs of liking around a girl instead of saying it to her?

Yes, because you pretty much described me, I'm confident when I talk to women but when it comes to the one girl I like, it's hard to get up the confidence to ask her out.

How do you get a girl just like me?

Be yourself and talk to her. If its meant to be, then it will be, just be confident and honest.

What type of girl do the mindless behavior like?

They like a Mindless, confident girl with a nice sense of style, a nice smile, and a nice personality.

How can you get your crush to like you if you're really shy around him?

Try to act more confident around them and start to hang out with them more and do things they like to do. Try to have a laugh with them and once you are confident with them go on and ask them out.

What does Bruno Mars like in a girl?

pretty,beautiful,and have confident i love you bruno mars

Why would a girl ask you to meet her parents?

Because she is feeling confident for your parents to like him

How do you get an eleven year old boy to like a ten year old girl?

You can't force someone to like you, but become friends with them and let them see for themselves how great you are! Be confident and talk to them, make the first move.

How do you get a ten year old boy to like a eleven year old girl?

You can't force someone to like you, but become friends with them and let them see for themselves how great you are! Be confident and talk to them, make the first move.

Will an inexperienced confident outgoing guy be shy and uncomfortable around a girl he likes?

no or at least he shouldn't as a matter of fact no boy should.if u like the girl tell her and if its a girl that boy knew for a long time even if she doesnt like you,you guys can still be close friends

How do you get a random girl to like you?

Just be yourself! Be funny, try not to be nervous, and be CONFIDENT. If she doesn't like you for you, then she's not worth it.

What kind of boys do quiet girls like?

Quiet girl tend to like boys that are layed back but is confident

What is roc-royal's type of girl?

He Like Girls Dats Mindless And Confident Just Like Hem .....

What should you do if you like a girl but can't talk to her?

just go up to her & be confident. i am a girl & i no i would kinda be bored if a guy came up to me & wasn't confident. ask her about herself, kind thongs you have in common & talk to her about that

How can you get a girl to really like you?

You shouldprobably get a tattoo, or grow a beard. Or grow some balls and ask her out. girls like confidence, and beards above all. The more confident they are the more confident you need to be.