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How do you become the best salesman?

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Keep trying and don't get discouraged

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What does a pharmasutical salesman make?

Sales Otherwise they become a FORMER pharmasutical salesman

Can a convicted felon become a car salesman?

Yes. This is by far the best question I've read on

What best describes Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman?

Traveling salesman

Who inspires willy loman to become a salesman in Death of a Salesman?

84 year old Dave Singleman who made his living from his room as a salesman and who had loads of people turn up to his funeral.

How do you become a home insurance salesman?

You need an insurance license first.

What is required be become a car salesman?

There are no real qualifications to become a car salesman. Drive, attitude, work ethic and enthusiasm are all qualities that most dealerships look for when looking to hire new salespersons.

What best desicribes happy loman?

Traveling Salesman

Would you like to become a salesman Why?

Your interviewer is not interested in what some anonymous person on the internet thinks - they want to know whether YOU want to be a salesman and why. Tell the truth.

Which of the following best describes Willy Loman?

A traveling salesman

What character from Death of a Salesman can best be described as a secondary character?


Which character from Death of a Salesman can best be described as a secondary character?


What are the duties and responsibilities of a car salesman?

the duties of an car salesman is to listen, please, and help the customer get the best deal without losing his fat commission

How is business muffler salesman firework salesman lumber salesman?

Muffler salesman: Exhausting Firework salesman: Really booming And I haven't figured out lumber salesman yet.

Who is a pioneering salesman?

My best guess would be a modern day door-to-door salesman. My uncle was, if I recall correctly, a pioneering salesman for a vaccuum cleaner company some time ago, sold vaccuums all over the place.

Who is Dwight Schrutte?

A beat farmer and the best paper salesman you will ever meet.

Another word for salesman?


Death of a Salesman and then select the option below that best defines the word in italics?


Who was the best salesman ever?

The guy who sold me my piece of sh*t Honda civic

Did Arthur Miller name his play Death of a Salesman or The Death of a Salesman?

'Death of a Salesman'

What did Lewis waterman become famous for?

There was an insurance salesman by that name credited with the invention of what we now call a fountain pen.

What is salesman in French?

Salesman in French is Vendeur.

Salesman as a communicator?

A salesman must be an excellent communicator. If a salesman is not a good communicator they will not sell anything.

Where can I get the best rates on decreasing term life insurance?

The best rates can usually be located on the internet. That way you cut out the middleman, the salesman.

What is the best way to get rid of a salesman?

Tell the salesman that you have already spoken with a representative and that you have chosen another company to install a system for you. Thank them for their time and ask them to remove you from their list of stops for future reference.

What do you call a cheese salesman?

Cheese salesman baker