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Some are born ticklish, some are not, some become ticklish later, an injury can make you ticklish e.g. a spinal injury will affect nerves, sometimes making one ticklish where you weren't ticklish before.

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Q: How do you become ticklish?
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How do people become ticklish?

No-one "becomes" ticklish, it is just more exposure to sensitive nerves that give you a feeling known as a tickle, which is then proclaimed that you are "ticklish".

Is there any way you can become ticklish?

trust me, you DONT want to be ticklish. Whenever I went to my older cousins house, they used to tickle torture me all the time. I find you lucky your not ticklish.

How do people get ticklish feet?

Ticklish feet is a inherited gene from the parents. People over time can become "immune" to having ticklish feet if they have been tickled to much during the first 5 years of life.

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Are you born not ticklish?

Being ticklish is actually all in your head. If you really try not to be ticklish and think that you aren't, you won't be ticklish.

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Solange is extremely ticklish. B is a little ticklish.

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not ticklish on feet at all

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