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How do you begin to become a responsible person when it comes to financial responsibilities?


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Draw up a monthly budget for yourself and try to keep to it. Get into the habit of knowing exactly how much money you have at any one time. Learn the difference between wanting to buy something and needing it and start putting aside money every month for things like a savings account, a pension, medical insurance, vacations and unexpected emergencies. If a person can keep track of their incomings and outgoings, stick to a budget and routinely set money aside for the future, I'd say they were financially responsible.


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Yes, I carry out my responsibilities. I am a responsible person.

The estate is responsible. It may become part of the spouse's responsibilities depending on the insurance and the estate.

The estate is responsible for the debts of the decedent unless some other person agreed in writing to be responsible. However, that means no property can be distributed to the heirs until the debts have been paid.

Only if the person were a joint debtor. If the person did not jointly incur the debt nor enter into a financial agreement as a cosigner he or she is not responsible for that debt.

A financial manager is a person in charge of a business' financial side (funding, financial planning, accounting). Some of their responsibilities include managing money to make sure that businesses are fufilling their financial obligations, seeking sources for more money, and financial goal-setting.

No, they only are allowed to sign papers and act in place of that person in legal matters.

Abide by the laws of the government and help the needy with humanity will make you as a socially responsible person.

From all my experiences of life i came to know that secret that.the more responsible is the person the more he will be must weigh his honesty by seeing how much responsible he is ..according to jobs given to him ..if person takes his relations and responsibilities seriously. you can say he is honest.

what are the responsibilities of a sales staff

No, the person holding a POA does not become legally responsible for any of the grantor's debts that exceed the grantor's income/assets. This of course does not mean that the individual holding a POA has the legal right to incur debts that are not considered necessities (food, clothing, medical expenses, shelter, transportation etc.) for the care of the grantor.

The responsibilities for a person who engages in mining activities include notifying their supervisor of their refusal to work in conditions they consider unhealthy or dangerous. They are also responsible for complying with any and all Federal and State regulations regarding mining.

Responsibilities are tasks to which a person or group are obligated.

The estate has that responsibility. Until the estate is settled, the house ownership and responsibilities have not been transferred.

A fund manager is an individual in financial company that implements the company's investment strategy. In larger financial institution this role can be provide by a bigger team of more than one person.

Bookkeeping refers to an occupation that is responsible for keeping the financial records for an organization. This person records the transactions and accounts for the organization.

A manager is a person responsible for running the restaurant, or a part of the restaurant. They have responsibilities such as training, hiring, health and safety, food safety, and handling customer complaints.

No. A person who is not responsible enough to pay their school infraction tickets is not responsible enough to be operating a motor vehicle and all of the responsibilities that involves. Pay the tickets; show that you are a responsible person.

To help them become the best possible person they can be and to physically take care of them until they are able to do so themselves.

Two of the various responsibilities of a person holding office are to carry out their duties and to follow protocol.

A financial entity is a legal/financial term. It refers to a legally created person as opposed to a natural person.

The scope of your financial portfolio varies from person to person. Your financial portfolio should reflect your financial goals in life.

A person who has chosen the career path of an accountant has many responsibilities. This person will perform many accounting procedures such as the recording of finances for a business or an individual. They also analyze business data and provide financial advice.

No, the company is not responsible when a person is assaulted on the job. The person who assaulted them is responsible.

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