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Draw up a monthly budget for yourself and try to keep to it. Get into the habit of knowing exactly how much money you have at any one time. Learn the difference between wanting to buy something and needing it and start putting aside money every month for things like a savings account, a pension, medical insurance, vacations and unexpected emergencies. If a person can keep track of their incomings and outgoings, stick to a budget and routinely set money aside for the future, I'd say they were financially responsible.

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Q: How do you begin to become a responsible person when it comes to financial responsibilities?
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Do you carry out your responsibilities?

Yes, I carry out my responsibilities. I am a responsible person.

In California if a person is deceased who is responsible for medical debt?

The estate is responsible. It may become part of the spouse's responsibilities depending on the insurance and the estate.

Do people named next of kin have any financial responsibilities to the person's estate?

The estate is responsible for the debts of the decedent unless some other person agreed in writing to be responsible. However, that means no property can be distributed to the heirs until the debts have been paid.

A person responsible for the financial aspects of a film?

The accountant

The person responsible for the financial aspects of a film?

The producer.

What is the person responsible for the financial aspects of a film?

The accountant. The producer

What is a financial manager?

A financial manager is a person in charge of a business' financial side (funding, financial planning, accounting). Some of their responsibilities include managing money to make sure that businesses are fufilling their financial obligations, seeking sources for more money, and financial goal-setting.

Can an individual be held responsible for a girlfriend's debt?

Only if the person were a joint debtor. If the person did not jointly incur the debt nor enter into a financial agreement as a cosigner he or she is not responsible for that debt.

To follow one duties and responsibilities?

It is important to follow ones duties, especially at work. This makes you a responsible person.

Why is it important to become a responsible person?

It is really important to become a responsible person. Why?, because, think about it, if you wernt responsible for anything around you, you would not get anything done, such as homework, chores, getting ready, feeding the house pet or something as easy as getting into and out of bed.

When a person becomes a financial power of attorney for someone are they responsible for the debts of that person?

No, they only are allowed to sign papers and act in place of that person in legal matters.

How do you become socially responsible?

Abide by the laws of the government and help the needy with humanity will make you as a socially responsible person.

Do I have to pay out of my pocket as power of attorney for mothers financial responsibilities when her finances runs out and she is on public assistance?

No, the person holding a POA does not become legally responsible for any of the grantor's debts that exceed the grantor's income/assets. This of course does not mean that the individual holding a POA has the legal right to incur debts that are not considered necessities (food, clothing, medical expenses, shelter, transportation etc.) for the care of the grantor.

Who pays the financial advisers?

I would say that the person or company who hired the financial advisors would be responsible for paying for them. Any decent financial advisor will have a contract to be signed before they begin work, and in it the fees should be clearly spelled out.

What are responsibilities of a sales person?

what are the responsibilities of a sales staff

Which is correct You will be a or an responsible person?

you will be A Responsible person

What are the responsibilities for mining?

The responsibilities for a person who engages in mining activities include notifying their supervisor of their refusal to work in conditions they consider unhealthy or dangerous. They are also responsible for complying with any and all Federal and State regulations regarding mining.

What are fund managers responsible for?

A fund manager is an individual in financial company that implements the company's investment strategy. In larger financial institution this role can be provide by a bigger team of more than one person.

Who is responsible in paying the bills of a house left to a person in the will when the will is still not settled?

The estate has that responsibility. Until the estate is settled, the house ownership and responsibilities have not been transferred.

What does book kipping mean?

Bookkeeping refers to an occupation that is responsible for keeping the financial records for an organization. This person records the transactions and accounts for the organization.

How can you identify a honest person...?

From all my experiences of life i came to know that secret that.the more responsible is the person the more he will be must weigh his honesty by seeing how much responsible he is ..according to jobs given to him ..if person takes his relations and responsibilities seriously. you can say he is honest.

What does the word responsibilities mean?

Responsibilities are tasks to which a person or group are obligated.

What is sound fincanical decision?

A sound financial decision is a decision in which benefits the person directly responsible for the decision and sometimes those indirectly involved. An example of a sound financial decision might be investing in a stock that does well.

What might be the reasons for one person becoming distressed?

There are many reasons that a person may become distressed. People become distressed when themselves or someone they love is hurt or in danger. People can become distressed due to financial strain or from stress at work.

What does severally liable mean?

The term severally liable means that a person, company, or place is responsible for the upkeep of an establishment, property, or service. If the person, company, or place is not following the responsibilities they are liable which means they can be sued for money.