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How do you bleed brakes on 1989 Mazda 323?



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You need

clean coffee jar with about an inch of clean brake fluid added to it

rubber tube that is a tight fit onto the bleed nipples

brake fluid

An assistant to press the brake pedal

top up master cylinder

place one end of the bleed tube on the nipple furthest away from the master cylinder

place the other end into the coffee jar below the fluid level slightly open the bleed nipple

get your assistant to gently pump the brake pedal until all air bubbles in the jar stop

when the bubbles stop get assistant to hold the brake pedal down to the floor

Tighten the nipple

assistant can now release pedal

do the same to the next nipple that is furthest away from the master cylinder

until all four brakes have been bled

do not press the pedal to try the feel of the brakes

before all 4 wheels have been bled as you will pump air round the system

when all are bled and the pedal feels good

get assistant to hold pressure on footbrake while you check for leaks around all the nipples that have been opened you assistant should make sure that the pedal does not creep while you check for leaks

I hope you find this helpful

best wishes