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How do you bleed the brakes of a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo 4v4 v6?


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Keep lots of fluid handy and get a helper. Open the reservoir and fill it up then get under the car and on the back side of each brake cylinder where the line connects there is a small valve that looks like a grease zerk. Have your helper pump the brakes until they have some pressure and hold pressure on the pedal while you loosen the valve ( you will need a 6 or 7mm wrench) fluid and some air will come spraying out and the pedal will go to the floor, have your helper maintain pressure on the pedal until you close the valve and do it again until no more air comes out with the fluid. Add more fluid to the reservoir and move to the next wheel, keep going until you have done all 4 and you are finished. My advise is to go one or two more times after the air is gone to be sure it is all out and remember to keep the reservoir full.