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How do you bleed the brakes on a 2005 Kia Spectra?



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If done with 2 people and bleeding all four wheels follow these steps: Have car in park and jacked up, keep brake reseviour closed. Start with right rear caliper, attach a clear tube(for best results) to the bleeder valve located on top of caliper, have one person ready to open the valve using a 10mm open ended wrench, the other person in the driver seat ready to pump the brake.

Person in car will pump brake pedal 5-10 times till it gets hard, then hold pedal, tell the other person to open the valve slowly till fluid comes out, while the person in the car keeps their foot on the pedal (you will feel the pedal go down as the fluid comes out, DO NOT release the pedal as this is happening, otherwise air will get into the system), when the pedal hits the floor tell the person opening/closing the valve to close the valve, the person in the car can now release the pedal and pump 5-10 again. Repeat this procedure on the same caliper 3-5 times

NOTE: As the person opening and closing the valve make sure they are aware that no bubbles are coming out of the tube, if there is there is air in the system, by repeating this process, all the air should come out on that caliper, if it does not, the problem is somewhere else.

Once that caliper is done, check to see if you need more fluid in the resivour then move to the left rear caliper and do the same steps again, after the left rear is done, check to see if fluid is needed, move to the front right and repeat the same steps, check to see if fluid is needed then move to the left front and repeat the same steps, check to see if fluid is needed.