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Manual brake bleeding is the most common method of bleeding brakes; however, you will need to enlist the help of an assistant. With your assistant sitting in the driver's seat, repeat the following steps a number of times on each brake until you are sure there is no air trapped in the system. Place a three foot piece of vinyl hose on the end of the bleeder screw to direct old fluid into a plastic container. Remove the master cylinder cap. Bleed in this sequence. Start at the RR, then LR, RF, and end up at the LF. Make sure to keep the system full of fresh fluid while doing this. Instruct your assistant to pump the brake pedal 5 times. Instruct your assistant to press and hold the brake pedal firmly. Open a bleeder screw, (use only a boxed end wrench) and let the air and old fluid escape Close the bleeder screw Instruct your assistant to release the brake pedal Wait 5 seconds & repeat the procedure until no air is seen exiting the bleeder screw.

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Q: How do you bleed the breaks on a 1991 mercury cougar and get the air out of the break lines?
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