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bleed clutch Saturn vue 2003

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 23:37:12
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Q: How do you bleed the clutch on a 99 Saturn SL1?
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What kind of antifreeze does a 99 Saturn sl1 take?

Any type of antifreeze will work in a 99 Saturn SL1. Many people recommend using Prestone Antifreeze for cars that are older than ten years.

Would 99 Sautrn SL2 bumpers fit on a 99 Saturn SL1 body?

I would think they would. SL1 vs SL2 I thought was SOHC vs DOHC for an engine.

Which fuse for cig lighter in Saturn 99 SL1?

20A (yellow). It's listed on the panel covering it.

How do you install a window on a 99 Saturn sl1?

check link below:

What does code p1650 mean for a 99 Saturn sl1?

Trouble code P1650 means: Cooing Fan Relay Circuit Fault

Does a 99 Saturn sl1 manual transmission have a filter?

No it does not. Most manual transmissions don't even require a fluid change, but it can't hurt. Capacity for the Saturn is 2.6 quarts

How can you fix low brake pedal on a 99 Saturn SL1?

a low brake pedal indicates worn brake pads and shoes.have then replaced

99 Chevy S10 grinds into 2nd gear after clutch replacement. All higher gears work fine. Must be at almost complete stop to get in 2nd and dead stop for 1st.?

Bleed the clutch. Same way you would bleed you brakes.

Where is the clutch bleed screw for a 99 ford ranger?

It should be on the bell housing above the hydrolic hose, mine had a rubber cap covering it.

Is the front wheel bearings on a 99 sl1 pressed in?


How can you find a diagram of a 99 Saturn SL1 fuse block?

The fuse box diagram for this vehicle is found in the owners manual. It is also found on the backside of the fuse block cover.

What could cause gauges to lose power and start working again several times in a trip in a 99 Saturn SL1?

something to do with diagnostic codes. you need to have the codes read. I'm having battery problems with my Saturn and it seems to happen then.

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