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First clean around cap on master cylinder, then remove cap and fill reservior, leave cap off for now, locate bleed screw on drivers side of bell housing(clutch is inside) gently open the bleed screwand allow gravity to push air out ,keep watch on level in master cyl. do not let run out, when fluid runs clear ,close bleeder ,top up reservior and replace cap.

good luck

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Q: How do you bleed the clutch on an 88 Ranger Two Wheel Drive?
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How do you bleed the clutch line on a 2004 ford ranger edge?

how do I bleed the clutch system in a 2004 ford ranger

How do you bleed the clutch slave cylinder on a 1986 Ford Ranger?

well mines not a ranger its a ford f250 super cab 7.5 l now how do i stop the clutch pedle from going to the floor

Bleed a clutch slave drive mk1 punto?

How do you bleed the clutch on a 99 Saturn SL1?

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Leak in the cab of your 1991 Ford Ranger coming from the clutch What should you doshould you replace the entire clutch or is it just the line?

Replace clutch master cylinder and bleed system,also check your slave cylinder for leaks.its bolted to your transmission,the clutch cable is connected to it.

How do you bleed the clutch in a 95 Daewoo cielo?

there dry clutch's, run a cable. no fluid. .:. you can't bleed it. :)

Where is the clutch bleed screw for a 99 ford ranger?

It should be on the bell housing above the hydrolic hose, mine had a rubber cap covering it.

Where and how do you adjust the clutch on a 94 escort?

The clutch can't be adjusted. It is an hydraulic clutch. The clutch pedal sends pressure from the master cylinder to the slave cylinder on the clutch. IF you are having trouble with it the thing to do is bleed the air out at the slave cylinder. Have an assistant pump the clutch and hold it to the floor. Then open the bleed valve on the slave cylinder to let the air out of the system. On the final bleed hold the clutch to the floor and close the bleed valve on the slave cylinder. The clutch master cylinder operates of the brake fluid reservoir. Make sure you keep this full of brake fluid as you bleed the clutch.

How do you bleed a clutch on a Nissan stanza?

To bleed a clutch on a Nissan Stanza, you need to find the bleed-off valve, usually somewhere near the slave cylinder.

When do you bleed your clutch?

after the clutch master cylinder has been replaced.

How do you bleed the clutch. 2003 Mitsubishi lancer?

same way you bleed the brakes. push clutch all the way to the floor and release the bleed valve on the transmission. tighten it up, release the clutch. Need 2 people to do it.

How do you bleed a hydraulic clutch system on a gmc sierra?

shhould be da same way u bleed your break system... bleed valve on clutch master cylinder...

How do you adjust the clutch on a 2002 Ford Ranger?

I believe that this vehicle has a hydroliclly operated clutch and does not need to be adjusted. The brake fluid in the clutch hydrolic system should be periotcally changed by bleeding the system. Actually, everything I have read on the hydraulic clutch says if it doesn't have a leak then it should not need bleed/changed.

How do you adjust clutch on 1988 Ford Ranger 4spd with OD transmission?

you don't adjust it. It is a Hydraulic clutch unit. you have to bleed it. There is a 7/16" bleeder valve on the transmission. clay Colorado

How do you get a hydraulic clutch on a 1986 C1500 working?

try to bleed the clutch

How do you bleed clutch system on 2001 f-250 7.3?

how to bleed the clutch system on ford f-250 2001 truck

How do you bleed the clutch on a 1996 Ford Ranger?

FYI I used a hand held vacumm brake bledder. remember air is expandible oil is not. This should remove over 97% of air in your clutch system. Good luck Paul

How do you bleed the Mercedes c180 clutch?

You can bleed the clutch by loosening the fluid line. With the line loose pump the brakes until fluid comes out.

How do you bleed rover 75 clutch?

To bleed the clutch of a Rover 75, first remove the interior panels on the steering column. Second, remove the master cylinder and use a syringe to inject the fluid into the system and repeat 4 times to bleed the clutch.

How do you tell if the clutch master cylinder is gone out on a 87 king-cab Nissan truck?

first check your clutch slave cylinder for leaks, if its leaking ,replace and bleed system,if its not leaking,bleed system ,dont forget to bleed clutch damperand if its still not right, then replace clutch master cylinder.

What side and tire do you start with when bleeding the brakes and clutch?

Bleed the brakes starting at the wheel farthest away from of the master cylinder and work towards the closest.

How do you bleed clutch 85 Ford Ranger?

You can't. Those units are factory sealed and cannot be bled. I know cuz I had to replace the clutch on my truck and it makes that job tough. The cluth, rod, reservoir and hoses are all one unit.

Were is the bleeder for a clutch on a 1993 ford ranger?

On the drivers side of the transmission bellhousing Check out : www . the ranger station . com ( no spaces ) Click on Tech Library Under the manual transmission section they have a good write-up on how to bleed a hydraulic clutch

Where is the location where you bleed a clutch for 94 Honda Accord?

You bleed the clutch at the slave cylinder located near the transmission close to the radiator up front.

How do you bleed a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 clutch system?

If you look hard enought there is a way to bleed the clutch but its a whole process....,they come pre bleed from the factory so theres no manufacture instructions