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First of all you got three different points that you have to bleed your clutch anyway I Nissan truck 720 I have one and it's kind of kind of complicated compare just with a compared to just one thing I don't like a slave cylinder you first of all you got a reservoir for the brakes same brake fluid and then you have a reservoir for the clutch was kind of crazy and it goes from the driver side it's just like a little cup and it goes the line all the way to the other side of the firewall and down to a thing called a dampener which is something that kind of anti when you scared in them or whatever the young kids do they slide in that what it kind of makes the clutch kind of not grab but it makes it kind of black so it doesn't really scared that long or whatever it's supposed to be a thing like that and then you have the slave cylinder so everything you got to get the air out of the system first of all it's pretty tough and I finally graduated to a a big syringe with the clear pipe well not a pipe but Ally in a like a nasal cannula if you're trying to get some first aid oxygen and they cap it down in it call the air bubbles out with the negative vacuum like that and then you're working way down then go to the dampener then go to the gym but make sure the first of all you have your Heist on and underneath the dash there's there's an adjustment there and you have to go by the the height of the day and the dishes like 7in from the firewall when you push down and then release it in that and then you can pump it whatever but I found the best thing but doing it by myself and doing it the way I described doing it but read the book read articles online and stuff if there's a lot of good ways of doing it but you got to get the bubbles out there and got to keep a check on that thing probably every other month you should check it out and make sure the heights right in that in the adjuster if you need to go further down there's a nut and then underneath the gas that's the hard part with the pedal and act but make sure you get that down don't get frustrated just take your time and make sure you don't do it in the Sun get some shade and you're going to be underneath that dashing you going to have to study it for a while and he's going to get pretty cut up with the brackets and stuff like that so where's some good luck

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Simply loosten the line, pump it one time , tighten it let your foot off of the brake and loosten it again and pump it one time etc until no more air comes out then do the same for the slave cylinder.Sometimes it is hard to get all of the air out but persistance will prevail. DON'T PUMP THE PEDAL as that muxes the air in the fluid.

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Q: How do you bleed the clutch reservoir on a 85 Nissan King Cab Truck 4-cylinder?
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