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bleeding cooling system,peugeot306XL 94there are two points to release air in the cooling system. you fill up the system on the left side of the radiator. on the opposite side of the radiator at the top is a plastic plug. u need to twist it out to reveal a hole looking down into the right hand side of the radiator. that's the fist bleed point. the second is at the top of the engine bay. if you stand where the cooling filler point is and look staraight up u will see a few small plastic and rubber hoses running along the engine bay (just below the wipers). on one of them is another bleed point which will unscrew by hand or if needed can be undone with a flat head screw driver. after these two point have been opened you need to fill the cooling system with whatever mixture of water and coolant you decide to use. one u have filled the radiator to the max line you will be able to see the same level on the right hand side in the bleeding point.start the engine and idle between 1,500 and 2,500 by pulling the accelerator cable and moving the retaining clips at the injector which sits at the top of the engine. the cable runs over the engine and to the front and underneath. you cant miss it.when the engine runs you will see the coolant begin to drops as it pushes its way around the system. gently put the plug back in on the right of the radiator. don't push it tight. the coolant will eventually overflow and when it has a constant stream push the plug in tight. now you must wait for the same to happen at the second bleeding point. when you get a constant stream of coolant tighten the screw back up but be careful. by the time the coolant reaches the second point it will probably be hot. REMEMBER to keep the coolant topped up as high as possible as gravity will not let the coolant overflow on the first bleed point otherwise. it may help more if the car is tilted slightly so that the bleed point is lower than the filler tank. if you are having trouble a trick is to cut a large plastic drinks bottle in half a push the top into the filler tank. then fill the bottle. the water level will be higher in the bottle and will allow the bleed point to overflow. the plastic bottle will need to be as air tight as possible.

after the cooling system is bled like this put the accelerator back into the original position and run the car. if it overheats there may still be air in the system so undo the bleeding points and repeat the process. theres no need to drain the system!!!

this process looks a bit long but once you have done it once you will see how easy it actually is.


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Q: How do you bleed the cooling system in a 1994 Peugeot 306 XL?
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There is a high probability that the system needs to be bled. As in bleed the air from the system. Just filling the system is not enough. You need to warm the engine to get the water flowing, then switch off and bleed the air out. Yes there is always some air and it gravitates to the highest point of the cooling system. I hope this helps

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