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I haven't a clue. But the next best thing to knowing an answer is knowing how to find answers that you don't know. I just copy/pasted this from the Marlin website at . {To obtain an Owner's Manual Please send your name and address to: Marlin Services P.O. Box 248 North Haven, CT 06473 Be sure to specify the model name and serial number of the specific firearms.}

They'll be happy to send you an owners manual, which will answer any question of that sort for you.

I OWN A MODEL 60 AND IT'S PRETTY EASY. MAKE SURE THE GUN IS UNLOADED. LOCK BACK THE BOLT. REMOVE THE SCREW AT THE BOTTOM OF THE STOCK JUST BELOW THE RECIEVER. REMOVE THE SCREW ON THE BACK OF THE TRIGGER GUARD. THE BARREL AND RECIEVER WILL DETACH FROM THE STOCK. TURN BARREL OVER. REMOVE PIN AT BACK OF RECIEVER. BE CAREFUL NOT TO LET EVERYTHING COME APART! SLOWLY LIFT RECIEVER OUT. DO NOT REMOVE THE BOLT SECTION AS IT IS HARD TO GET THE FIRING PIN SPRING BACK IN WITHOUT DAMAGING IT. I DID THIS AND AM NOW LOOKING FOR A NEW FIRING PIN SPRING! If by chance the bolt removes itself (oops!), you must carefully realign the pin and spring back into the bolt channel, so that the channel and pin stop the spring from kinking(this is tough but compressing it all the way shut against a hard surface will straighten a mildly kinked spring). Then by holding the face of the bolt against the palm of your hand and securing the spring and pin with your index finger, insert the pin back into its hole in the receiver and carefully ease the bolt back into place, inserting the bolt handle with your free hand just as the bolt returns home.CLEAN PARTS AND RE-ASSEMBLE IN REVERSE ORDER. AFTERWARDS, MAKE SURE EVERYTHING FUNCTIONS PROPERLY BEFORE LOADING AND FIRING WITH LIVE AMMO. IT CAN BE BROKEN DOWN FURTHER, BUT I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND IT.

Robertlmaukjr: Wouldn't it be just as easy to leave the bolt where it is and spray some Kroil or Gunk penetrating oil down in there then blow it out with air? When you go shooting in the Winter, you need to use some oil remover (acetone works the best) and go with a dry bolt, or freezing temps will jam your action. Don't believe it? Ask the Russians, Poles, Germans, especially the Siberians.

BTW, WD-40 is NOT a lubricant. It only displaces water and starts car engines, lawn mowers, etc.

For a real presentation on breaking down the Marlin Model 60 for a good cleaning, go to, once in the forum scroll down to the Reference Library section about 2/3rds of the way down, you will find all kinds of solid info on a lot of Marlins.

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Q: How do you break down a 22 LR Marlin Model 60 rifle to clean the action-slide and internal components?
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