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* You're giving up too easily. Who said ANY relationship was 100% easy. If you don't like her choice of relationships then sit down and communicate that fact to her. Tell her what you think she's doing wrong, and if she doesn't want to listen, then it is time to move on. Sometimes with friends we have to take a little bad with the good. As long as it doesn't involve you why should you care? Making mistakes such as she is doing is hopefully learning from those mistakes (she just takes longer to get the picture.) == == * Tell him/her that they have been acting immature about the relationships they choose and that you need time to think about you're life. tell you're friend that they have been immature with their lifestyle and discuss how staying friends can effect you're lifes and you need time to think about you're life's i have been in the same sitch that's what i did and now my friend is happy married and has 3 kids and i have my own house she used to live with me until i did that if you do this you will be happy

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โˆ™ 2008-10-22 16:05:37
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Q: How do you break up with a friend who has been your friend for a while but you can't stand anymore because of her stupid relationship choices?
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The dream suggests that you are uncomfortable with the broken relationship. Your mind may be urging you to reconcile with your friend.

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What do you do with friends who steal boyfriends?

My friend has stolen TWO of my boyfriends. I don't count her as my friend anymore because she isn't a real friend if she does that. I'm not saying that NO MATTER WHAT you should stop being friends with this person. but what Im saying is that you prbably SHOULD not be friends with her anymore shes not a real friend.

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One of the major reasons that an ex-friend is ignoring you is because they do not want to talk to you anymore.

What does it mean if you still love your girlfriend but don't want to be in a relationship anymore?

Your obviously not ready for a relationship at this time with her but you can still love someone even if you are not with them exclusively. You may love her and respect her as a very close friend.

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Because it complicates your relationship with your friend. Whether you eventually break up, or marry, your friend will probably stop being your friend.

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No reason to, you should move on to your next guy.

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